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Get Two Sonos Ones for the Price of One Apple HomePod

Apple's HomePod makes its much anticipated debut on Feb. 9, but if the thought of paying $349 for a speaker that's missing certain smart features has you wary of getting short-changed, Sonos is here to make up for it.

Starting Friday, January 26, the smart speaker manufacturer will offer two Sonos One Speakers for $349. Currently, the speakers retail for $199 each, so after the discount you'll save $50. That $349 price tag also happens to be what Apple charges for one HomePod.

Sonos One 2-PackView Deal

In our review, we found that the Sonos One Speaker is the best sounding Alexa speaker on the market delivering balanced, room-filling sound. Pairing two speakers together makes your listening experience even richer. Or you can use the two speakers to create a multi-room audio setup, which is one of the features that Apple's HomePod will lack when it launches in February.

The Editors' Choice Sonos One also has Amazon's Alexa assistant built right in, which means you can play music using voice commands or through the Sonos or Alexa apps.

Unlike Apple's and Amazon's smart speakers, the Sonos One can also play or stream music from a wide variety of services including Amazon Music, Pandora, Spotify, Sirius XM, Apple Music, and Google Play.

Sonos' promo is clearly intended to be a pie in face for Apple, and there are still many HomePod details we're not aware of yet. But if you want a multi-room audio setup now with two speakers that you won't regret buying, we can't think of a better place to start.