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Galaxy Note 10 Leak Reveals Battery Disappointment

There's been a lot of talk about the Samsung Galaxy Note 10's battery. But a new report suggests it might not ship with a key feature everyone had hoped for.

Credit: Tom's Guide

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

XDA Developer's Max Weinbach tweeted over the weekend that Samsung has decided to go with 25W charging in the Galaxy Note 10. That would seem to debunk previous rumors that suggested Samsung would go with 45W charging in the device. Instead of the Galaxy Note 10, according to Weinbach, Samsung will reportedly bring the faster 45W charging to the Galaxy A90.

That's bad news for those who had hoped for 45W charging. With that charging option, you would be able to juice the Galaxy Note 10 much more quickly than with traditional charging technologies. But since the future is clearly in faster and faster charging, there had been some hope that Samsung would showcase the new feature in the flagship device it's reportedly planning to launch this summer.

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The company's apparent decision to bundle the 45W charging option in the Galaxy A90 might, at first glance, seem a bit off. But further inspection reveal a good reason for that to be the case.

Samsung's Galaxy A devices, which are coming to the U.S, are midrange handsets that come with a budget-friendly price. However, Samsung also uses them to bundle new features and see how they're going to perform over time. In other words, Samsung could be using the A90 as a testing ground for the 45W charger and, if it works well, the company will then bring it to future devices.

Chances are, if 45W charging works, the company would bring it to the Galaxy S11 it's reportedly working on for next year. If history is our guide, after that, it might bring the feature to next year's Galaxy Note.

That said, it's unclear who Weinbach's source is on the report and whether the person has full knowledge of Samsung's plans. We'll ultimately find out for sure this summer, when the company unveils its next flagship.

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