The Best PC Games to Play Right Now

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Sherri L. Smith & Robert Carnevale

Sherri L. Smith is an editor at Tom's Guide. When she's not reviewing the latest headphones or VR headsets, you'll find her conquering the interwebs with a random proliferation of gifs or gaming on her Xbox One X, PlayStation 4 Pro or PC. Follow Sherri at @misssmith11.

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  • sisedofficial
    i dislike fortnite. it's not a big of a deal it's not something amazing
  • maxmurase1234
    Fortnite is a broken luck based game which would be dead if it wast free.
    Fortnite is just a simple (but very glitchy) ingame moneywaste in which has absolutely no components in it that make it "fun" and "irresistable"
  • 2020lynch.jabian
    fortnite is the best game since minecraft u bots