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The Pixel 3's Night Sight Camera Mode Is This Amazing

When Google unveiled its Pixel 3 line at its press event earlier this month, the company showed off a new Night Sight mode that's designed to illuminate images at night and allow you to take brighter shots indoors in the dark.

Now someone has tried out the feature, and the results look very impressive.

Credit: Droid-Life/Kellen

(Image credit: Droid-Life/Kellen)

Droid-Life tested the feature in a report published on Tuesday (Oct. 23) and showed a dramatic difference in the way the Pixel 3 would snap photos in the dark compared to an iPhone or with the Night Sight mode turned off.

First, Droid-Life tried the camera in low light and found that the images were far brighter when Night Sight is turned on. Better yet, Google's Pixel was able to achieve that without losing image quality, so while the photos were brighter, you could still make out detail.

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But it was as the room got darker that the Pixel's Night Sight mode really shined. Without it turned on, the image Droid-Life took was dark and hardly anything could be made out. But when Night Sight was turned on, all aspects of the image were not only visible, but details were readily apparent.

As good as smartphone cameras are, most still have some trouble in darker conditions. Indeed, Google used the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max as examples of cameras having problems with low-light conditions during its Pixel 3 launch event.

Credit: Droid-Life/Kellen

(Image credit: Droid-Life/Kellen)

It's unclear exactly how Google is changing the Pixel's camera to create better low-light shots, but it appears it won't only be relegated to the Pixel 3. According to Droid-Life, Google updated its camera app on Tuesday (Oct. 23) and included the Night Sight mode in it for Pixel and Pixel 2 users, as well.

While the feature isn't technically official, according to the report, it can be turned on with a little help from the XDA-Developers APK. It's expected to become official on all Pixel devices next month. So, if you don't want to use the workaround, you'll need to wait a bit to turn it on.