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Galaxy Note 10 Will Move the Dreaded Punch Hole (Report)

Samsung's Galaxy Note 10 release date is just a few months away. And now, the rumors are piling up, as two significant design changes have just been leaked.

Credit: PhoneArena

(Image credit: PhoneArena)

A Dutch site called Mobielkopen discovered a benchmark on html5test that appears to point to some features we can expect in Samsung's Galaxy Note 10. The benchmark suggests that Samsung will take some cues from its Galaxy S10 and use an all-screen design in the Galaxy Note 10.

Moreover, the benchmark says that the new aspect ratio in the Galaxy Note 10 will jump from 18.5:9 to 19:9, suggesting it'll be slightly taller and we'll get a bit more screen real estate than in last year's model. Indeed, the Galaxy Note 10 Pro has been rumored to have a 6.8-inch screen. The cheaper Galaxy Note 10 could ship with a 6.3-inch display.

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On the software side, the benchmark suggests the smartphone is running the same version of One UI you can find in the Galaxy S10, according to T3, which earlier reported on the discovery. It'll also likely ship with Qualcomm's Snapdragon 855 processor, which is the most powerful chip companies can currently bundle inside an Android smartphone.

Those leaks came alongside more rumors from well-known Samsung tracker Ice Universe. The leaker said in a series of tweets that Samsung will indeed borrow design elements from the Galaxy S10 to incorporate in the Galaxy Note 10. However, Samsung is apparently planning to move the camera positions in the Galaxy Note 10 to differentiate its design from the Galaxy S10.

Some have speculated that the camera punch hole could move to the center of the design. It's unclear, however, where those cameras will be placed in the Galaxy Note 10.

Ultimately, Ice Universe said that the Galaxy Note 10 won't offer any radical changes. Instead, the leaker said that if you're looking for "stable and mature," the Galaxy Note 10 will deliver it.

And as for that photo above? That's a render PhoneArena developed of what the Galaxy Note 10 might look like based on all the rumors. It's not an official Galaxy Note 10 photo, however, so things could be off. Be sure to catch up on all of the latest Galaxy Note 10 rumors ahead of its expected August release.