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Is This a Render of the Google Nexus Tablet?

There's a JPG floating around that is a supposed leaked image of Google's upcoming Nexus tablet. The image shows every angle save for the back, but what's blatantly obvious is that it's not a 7-inch tablet. Based on the icon sizes and spacing, the render looks to be a 10-inch device sporting Android 4.0 "Ice Cream Sandwich."

As seen in the image, only official ICS and Google apps appear in the stock launcher. On the sides, Asus or Samsung has inserted a microSD port, a standard USB port, a SIM card slot and possibly a full-sized SD card slot. There also seems to be a port for connecting the device to a keyboard dock, taking note from the Asus Transformer series.

Naturally there are doubts that this is a genuine image. The front shot just doesn't look right -- the bevel is too light against the lit screen. Android Community points out that it uses an odd combination of power and volume buttons on the top. The docking port shouldn't even be present if it's a sub-$249 tablet. Also, the Android Market app icon is displayed on the main screen although that could simply indicate how old the render really is.

As reported last week, Google plans to launch an online tablet store that will sell both third-party products and its own co-branded tablets. Both Asus and Samsung will also reportedly create Google's co-branded Nexus tablets, although prior reports have already pinned Asus as the first "Google Experience" tablet supplier slated to launch later this year.

The 7-inch device may or may not have a quad-core Tegra 3 SoC, and the resulting price may be somewhere between $149 to $199. Google may even throw in premium components and take the financial hit just so that it can ignite the Android tablet sector much like Amazon did with the Kindle Fire late last year.

But we can't rule out a 10-inch version as seen in the render. Google could be attacking the tablet sector on both the low-end and high-end fronts, taking on Amazon's Kindle Fire while also addressing Apple's iPad 3 with a premium Android offering. If Asus is building the smaller device, it's not difficult to imagine Samsung producing a device similar to its Galaxy Tab. The latter is what Apple will likely fear most as it currently views the Galaxy Tab line as the iPad's true competitor.

We expect to hear more about the Nexus tablet(s) during Google's I/O conference in June.

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  • classzero
  • christarp
    It looks almost exactly like the ipad 1
  • How do I win this????
  • DSpider
    Why the metallic edge? It's a copy of the Samsung Galaxy Tab, which is a copy of the Apple iPad! Also, the roundness makes it look fat and obviously Nook Touch "inspired".

    I don't like it already.
  • WTH is it me or did the article basically said it could be anything, could, might, may, may not, might as well start making things up and call it news
  • eddieroolz
    Looks like a mix of iPad and iPhone4 design.
  • warezme
    Apple is breaking out their layers..., but only if it's successful.
  • joytech22
    CouldMightMayWTH is it me or did the article basically said it could be anything, could, might, may, may not, might as well start making things up and call it news
    Well the title does imply it's a rumour, so I'm just going with the flow.
    I let some of my friends in on the pricing and possible specs of this tablet and they really want in.

    However, I only said it would be a dual-core to them, because that seems more plausible. I guess if it goes Tegra 3 we will all be fairly happy to say the least.

  • killerclick
    I can't imagine using a tablet for much more than web browsing and e-mail, so I'm fine with cheap tablets, as long as they're light, thin and have at least 10 hours of battery life. As for CPU and GPU, my 6850 and Phenom II are at least 5 years ahead of any tablet.
  • flamethrower205 looks like a tablet! That was shocking.