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World's First 3D Printing Pen is a Kickstarter Success

Though 3D printers aren't an uncommon sight at CES, we saw more 3D printers than ever at CES 2013. What we didn't see, what a 3D pen. A company by the name of WobbleWorks is this week causing a splash with a 3D printing pen that allows users to 'draw' their own 3D printed objects.


WobbleWorks' 3D pen is called the 3Doodler and the Kickstarter project to fund its development and production was launched yesterday. The pen uses ABS plastic which is heated up and then cooled. The user can either draw onto a surface, or draw in the air and WobbleWorks plans to make special stencils available through its website (including one for the Eiffel Tower you see above).

WobbleWorks was hoping to raise a paltry $30,000 to bring 3Doodler market. In the single day it has been live, the project has raised over half a million dollars. With 32 days left before the Kickstarter expires, it seems WobbleWorks' 3Doodler is well on its way to commercial availability. Anyone pledging $50 or more will get their very own 3Doodler. Other than that, there's no indication as to what the pen might cost when it launches.

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