Apple teases possible uses for Apple Pencil 3 squeeze feature ahead of iPad event

The Apple Let Loose invitation image on an iPad
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The clock is ticking down to Apple's "Let Loose" event on May 7, where we're expected to get our first glimpse of brand-new iPads alongside new accessories. To build hype, Apple has slipped a last-minute teaser onto its site that hints at a feature for the rumored new "squeeze" function on the Apple Pencil 3 stylus

When you visit, you'll see that the Apple logo keeps changing above a spotlight post for tomorrow's big event. If you're on a Mac or one of the best iPhones, you can actually erase the logo with your mouse or finger, respectively. After you've finished erasing it all, a new logo pops up to take its place. 

While we don't know much about this new "squeeze" function, it seems to imply that one feature could be to trigger the Pixel Eraser simply by squeezing the Apple Pencil 3. Previous rumors speculated that Apple Pencil 3 squeeze gestures could open a "contextual menu" to let users quickly perform certain actions—including adding shapes, stickers and text to a canvas. There will likely be additional new gestures adding more functionality to the stylus, but we'll have to wait until Apple's big shindig to learn more. 

Other rumored upgrades include new interchangeable magnetic tips, depending on the kind of finesse you need. There have also been reports that the Apple Pencil 3 may even be compatible with Apple Vision Pro at some point in the near future.

Of course, the stars of Apple's show are expected to be the new iPad Pro 2024 and iPad Air 2024. The latest iPad Pro is tipped to come with an OLED display — the first iPad to do so — featuring LTPO technology, a more power-efficient form of OLED capable of both a high refresh rate and resolution without turning your tablet into a battery-sucking rectangle of glass and metal. Apple is expected to offer the new iPad Pro‌ models in 12.9-inch and 11.1-inch sizes, both widely tipped to feature a slimmed-down design and ultra-thin bezels. We could also see a new 10.9-inch and supersized 12.9-inch iPad Air models with MiniLED displays. 

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