Apple tipped to use 'the best OLED panels on the market' for 2024 iPad Pro

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Rumors have been circulating for a while now that Apple's upcoming iPad Pro 2024 will come with an OLED display — the first iPad to do so. Though Apple hasn't officially confirmed this upgrade yet, we now have more details about what to expect. A new report claims the upcoming iPad Pro models will feature "by far the best OLED tablet panels on the market."

That's according to display analyst Ross Young of Display Supply Chain Consultants, who has a track record for being accurate with such tips. Set to be announced at Apple's "Let Loose" event on May 7, the new OLED iPad Pro will come with an LTPO display, a more power-efficient form of OLED capable of both a high refresh rate and resolution without turning your tablet into a battery-sucking rectangle of glass and metal.

This panel will also boast a "120Hz refresh, a tandem stack and glass thinning resulting in ultra-thin and light displays with high brightness, extended battery life and long lifetime,” the analyst said in a note to investors.

Young echoed previous reports that Apple will offer the new iPad Pro‌ models in 12.9-inch and 11.1-inch sizes, both widely tipped to feature a slimmed-down design and ultra-thin bezels. Apple's also expected to introduce new 10.9-inch and supersized 12.9-inch iPad Air models with MiniLED displays. 

When will the iPad Pro OLED launch?

While the 2024 iPad Pro and iPad Air 6 were originally tipped to launch in March, Apple opted to delay things until May to finalize software upgrades and iron out manufacturing techniques required to produce the new models' screens, Bloomberg's Mark Gurman reported last month. Now, Apple's expected to announce a slew of brand new iPad models, including a new iPad Pro OLED and iPad Air, at its showcase on May 7. 

The new panels should be worth the wait, though, as OLED technology generally offers better image quality, with each pixel individually lit, ensuring perfect blacks and incredible contrast. To make the displays even brighter and more efficient, Apple is reportedly using panels with a two-stack tandem structure. This means that the display has two emission layers, doubling the brightness compared to traditional OLED panels while also significantly increasing the display's lifespan.

On top of this, the iPad Pro is widely tipped to feature the power of Apple’s latest M4 chip and include support for a brand-new Magic Keyboard, which should make it a productivity powerhouse. But the star of the show could be a new Apple Pencil 3 that supports haptic feedback and squeezable gestures. 

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