Biggest iPad Air ever and new OLED iPad Pros will reportedly launch next month — new specs leak

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Talk of new iPads dropping at an Apple event in March is about as well-guarded a secret as the fact there's a person squeezed inside the Big Bird costume. But it looks like the new iPad Pro OLED models could be launching next month alongside two new iPad Air models, including a new super-size version. 

9to5Mac has the reported dimensions of the four new iPads, and both the 11-inch iPad Pro and 12.9-inch iPad Pro are remarkably thinner. This is likely due to the OLED display, which has fewer layers than the previous mini-LED display iPad Pros. 

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11-inch iPad Pro (current)247.6 mm x 178.5 mm x 5.9 mm
11-inch iPad Pro (new)249.7 mm x 177.5 mm x 5.1 mm
12.9-inch iPad Pro (current)280.6 mm x 214.9 mm x 6.4 mm
12.9-inch iPad Pro (new)281.5 mm x 215.5 mm x 5.0 mm
12.9-inch iPad Air (new)280.6 mm x 214.9 mm x 6.0 mm

Meanwhile, the new iPad Air 2024 models allegedly have codenames of  “J507” and “JF37”, and they'll reportedly be available in the standard 10.86-inch size and a new, larger 12.9-inch model. If this information is accurate, it would mark the first time Apple has offered the Air range in two different sizes.

A larger iPad Air would also give shoppers a lower cost alternative to the iPad Pro for those who prefer a bigger display — a similar reason to why the 15-inch MacBook Air was launched. 

How much of an upgrade would OLED iPad models be? 

OLED remains the Holy Grail of display tech, and it’s an area iPads have been sorely lacking for several years at this point. While the addition of Mini-LED panels in recent times with the iPad Pro 2022 is appreciated (bringing black levels closer to OLED quality thanks to an increased number of dimming zones), there’s still no truly adequate replacement for Organic Light-Emitting Diodes. 

The continued absence of OLED iPads models at this point feels like an oversight on Apple’s part, especially when you consider the iPhone X got an OLED screen in 2018. It seems like something the company is actively looking to remedy now though.

The 9to5Mac report also says that the new iPad Pro could get an upgrade to a faster M3 chip, while the iPad Air may stick with an M2 chip. There's a chance the Air could go M3 but keeping a performance gap between the two iPad lines would be a smart way to differentiate them. 

While these 2024 OLED iPads could be cheaper to manufacture than past ranges, we’re also recently reported that savings may not be passed onto customers at first. If you’re thirsting for an OLED iPad, bear in mind it’s been suggested that these rumored new models could start at $1,500

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