How much is a Saatva mattress and where can you try them?

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Thinking of buying a Saatva mattress but want clarity first on how much the different models cost, and where you can try them? We have all the information you need in this handy guide.

Saatva is an American company that makes a wide range of different mattresses, including the hugely popular Saatva Classic. This luxury innerspring hybrid sits at the top of our best mattress guide and has earned nearly perfect ratings for its comfort, support and breathability.

But Saatva isn’t just about the Classic; there are several models to choose from, as we discuss in our round-up of the top Saatva mattresses. Let’s take a look at the different models and prices now, plus where you can try a Saatva mattress to ensure it’s right for you.

We’d also recommend reading our Saatva Classic Mattress review for an in-depth look at the brand’s most popular model. And for the brand's best solution for easing back pain, read our Saatva RX mattress review. Read on know to learn where to try a Saatva mattress and, once you're ready to purchase, read our guide on where to buy a Saatva mattress for the best prices.

Where can I try a Saatva mattress?

You have two options when it comes to trying a Saatva mattress. You can try them in one of 12 official Saatva Viewing Rooms (showrooms), in locations such as New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia and Dallas, or you can try a Saatva mattress in the privacy of your own home. 

One of these options, the at-home trial, requires an upfront payment from you (you have to buy the mattress) and the other, the Viewing Room option, is free of charge. 

The entry area of the Saatva Viewing Room in Manhattan, New York

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Saatva Viewing Room locations

If you want to physically lay on a Saatva mattress before agreeing to the 365-night at-home trial, then you’ll need to head to a Saatva Viewing Room. There are 12 in total, with locations across America.

In a Saatva Viewing Room you can try every type of mattress the brand makes, provided they are on display in the particular Viewing Room you’re visiting. We’d suggest calling ahead to make sure the mattress you’re interested in will be on display.

Viewing Rooms are staffed by the official Saatva Sleep Guides. There are 12 Saatva Viewing Rooms, located in America as follows:

  • New York – 969 Third Ave, New York, NY 10022
  • Washington DC – 1714 14th Street NW, Washington, DC 20009
  • San Francisco – 128 Post Street, San Francisco, CA 94108
  • Los Angeles – 8715 Melrose Ave, West Hollywood, CA 90069
  • Boston – 90 Newbury Street, Boston, MA 02116
  • Chicago – 1534 North Halsted, Street Chicago, IL 60642
  • Dallas – 3699 McKinney Ave, Dallas, TX, 75204
  • Charlotte – 4425 Sharon Rd, Suite #150, NC 28211
  • Portland – 1010 NW Flanders St. Suite 100, OR 97209
  • Philadelphia – 1712 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103
  • Seattle – 4715 25th Ave. NE, Seattle, WA 98105
  • San Diego – 4545 LaJolla Village Dr, Suite C6, CA 92122

Saatva provides individual hygienic kits per guest to ensure a germ-free in-store testing experience too. These kits include a single-use pillow sleeve and body blanket, plus hand sanitizer. There’s also a tablet next to each mattress to run you through the unique features of that model.

Trying a Saatva mattress at home

Saatva used to offer 180-night mattress trials, but last year the brand increased this to 365 nights. That’s the longest mattress trial you can find when shopping in store or online, and it’s matched by rival brands including Nectar Sleep and DreamCloud. So this perk certainly isn't unique to Saatva.

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To try a Saatva mattress at home, you’ll need to buy your chosen Saatva from the brand’s website or in a showroom. Either way you will still be eligible for the 365-night trial.

What happens if you change your mind during that year’s timeframe? You can either exchange for a different Saatva or request a refund. A $99 processing fee applies to both options.

Shipping is free to your home, and Saatva’s mattress installation experts will set up your new mattress for you. They will also remove your old mattress, though it might not happen on the same day and this must be arranged in advance.

How much does a Saatva mattress cost?

If you're wondering how much a Saatva mattress costs, prices start from $795 for the Saatva Youth kids mattress, and range up to $5,190 for the largest size of the Saatva Solaire. We rarely see discounts larger than $600 on the top models, and around $200-$350 is common. This November sees the arrival of the Black Friday mattress deals and Saatva is normally included in those too. 

Here’s the latest pricing for all Saatva mattresses when they aren’t featured in the Saatva mattress sales:

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How much each Saatva mattress costs by size
Saatva Youth mattressTwin $795Twin XL $935Full $1,055Row 0 - Cell 4 Row 0 - Cell 5 Row 0 - Cell 6 Row 0 - Cell 7 Row 0 - Cell 8 Row 0 - Cell 9
Saatva Memory Foam HybridTwin $995Twin XL $1,315Full $1,595Queen $1,795King $2,195Split King $2,630Cal King $2,195Row 1 - Cell 8 Row 1 - Cell 9
Saatva Classic mattressTwin $1,095Twin XL $1,395Full $1,895Queen $1,995King $2,495Split King $2,790 Cal King $2,495Split Cal King $2,790Row 2 - Cell 9
Saatva Loom & Leaf mattressTwin $1,295Twin XL $1,595Full $2,295Queen $2,395King $2,945Split King $3,190Cal King $2,945Split Cal King $3,190Row 3 - Cell 9
Saatva Latex Hybrid mattressTwin $1,295Twin XL $1,495Full $1,995Queen $2,195King $2,595Split King $2,990Cal King $2,595Row 4 - Cell 8 Row 4 - Cell 9
Saatva Zenhaven mattressTwin $1,895Twin XL $2,095Full $2,695Queen $3,295King $3,945Split King $4,190Cal King $3,945 Row 5 - Cell 8 Row 5 - Cell 9
Saatva HD mattressTwin $1,895Twin XL $2,095Full $2,695Queen $3,295King $3,945Split King $4,19Cal King $3,945Row 6 - Cell 8 Row 6 - Cell 9
Saatva RX mattressTwin $1,995Twin XL $2,195Full $2,695Queen $3,295King $3,795Split King $4,300 Cal King $3,795 Row 7 - Cell 8 Row 7 - Cell 9
Saatva Solaire AdjustableTwin XL $2,595Full $3,395Queen $3,745King $4,395Split King $5,190Cal King $4,395Split Cal King $5,190Queen Upper-Flex $4,295King Upper-Flex $4,995
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