The 3 Amazon Prime Video shows you need to binge-watch right now

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Amazon's Prime Video seems to aim for quality over quantity, as new Prime Video shows seem to arrive in a somewhat inconsistent manner. You mostly get one interesting title at a time, and wait for the next. 

This is why I'm kind of excited to report that there are not one — but three new Prime Video shows returning to the service soon. And the "returning" part of that news is what I find so interesting. While we're always eager for new shows — we circled Roar's release date on our calendars and noticed how Amazon's had luck with Reacher and The Wheel of Time — there's something about a show that's been renewed that's more compelling.

Not only does the fact that a show was picked up give you more reason to believe it will be given a chance to tell its full story (Netflix cancels shows after one season all the time), but it means that you'll get more to watch. With both the previously-aired seasons and the incoming editions, you aren't as likely to clean your plate as fast.

All three of these shows are hitting their second season. Each offers something different, with survival, personal exploration and relationship drama at hand.

Before we go further, we've got recommendations for what's new on Netflix. For example, if you want something calming, President Obama's new series on Netflix just cracked the top 10, and it's a delight. Oh, and you don't need Netflix to watch Derry Girls season 3 episode 3 online — all you need is a good VPN, really.

Prefer all of the drama? We hope you're caught up on cable TV's best show, as it's already almost time to watch Better Call Saul season 6 episode 3 online. Similarly, In other episodic TV news — we're eager to watch Moon Knight episode 5 online because we need to see how they follow up last week's bonkers ending. And in odd streaming news, the No.1 movie on Netflix isn't on U.S. Netflix.

Binge-watch these Prime Video shows before you're even more behind:

Mia Healey (Shelby Goodkind), Erana James (Toni Shalifoe), Sarah Pidgeon (Leah Rilke) in the woods at night in The Wilds season 2

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The Wilds

1 season to watch — approximately 9 hours in total length (much less time than it would take to watch this HBO Max show our writer finally streamed)

You may remember The Wilds if you read our roundup of shows to watch while you wait for Yellowjackets season 2. Critically adored — with a 92% on Rotten Tomatoes — The Wilds' first season blended teen drama and mystery to success. Its story is a little familiar to anyone who's watched Yellowjackets or Lost, or read Lord of the Flies, focusing on nine teen girls who found themselves stuck on a remote island that's full of mystery. 

And while we won't expose the revelation at the end of the season 1 finale, we'll just say it's the kind of moment that Severance fans know. The kind of "do I really need to wait to learn what happens next?" cliffhanger that TV is kinda made for. 

But on your way there? You get to meet deep and interesting characters such as Leah, Rachel and Nora, and get to see them deal with the traumas that made them the girls they are today. And you'll also wonder why Toni can't stop making a mess.

The Wilds season 2 premieres on May 6, so you've got plenty of time 

A animated version Rosa Salazar (Alma Winograd-Diaz) in a car

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1 season to watch — approximately 4 hours in total length

Undone is odd, in a very good way. From the moment I saw the first episodes at an early screening, I realized that Bojack Horseman masterminds Kate Purdy and Raphael Bob-Waksberg had found their next great series. This time, though, things aren't so ... cartoonish?

While Undone is also animated, it's far from the comical style that you got in Bojack. Instead, it's got a hand-drawn and rotoscoped look that seems to merge Waking Life with something far more natural. 

As for what it's about? Undone is about the undoing of Alma (Rosa Salazar)'s brain, as a fatal car-accident sends her mind into lucid visions of her father Jacob (Bob Odenkirk). And while Alma's trying to get her own life together — her relationships are frayed to say the least — the visions of her dad push her to an uncanny ability to travel through space and time. 

Undone season 2 debuts on April 29, so you've definitely got more than enough time to get it together.

In other streaming news, one of our editors cancelled Apple TV Plus and then came right back.

The cast of How to Survive Being Single in theater seating

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How to Survive Being Single (Cómo Sobrevivir Soltero)

1 season to watch — approximately 5 hours in total length

You loved Squid Game and Parasite, right? You can handle reading captions, right? And you love a good bit of saucy relationship drama? Well, it's time to dip your toe into one of Prime Video's returning shows, How to Survive Being Single (also known as Cómo Sobrevivir Soltero). 

How to Survive Being Single is an over-the-top comedy about how terrible it is to date these days. Even if you're a heartthrob actor, such as Sebastian (Sebastián Zurita), who is suddenly single once his girlfriend's betrayals are made public.

Somewhere between rant-filled physical comedy (think Fleabag) and modern dating horror show (i.e. Master of None), How to Survive Being Single isn't going to be the prestige hit of the month, but it will draw in many who give it a chance.

How to Survive Being Single season 2 debuts on April 15, so you've got time

Need more? This weekend's biggest sports event is the NBA playoffs live streams kicking off. We're guessing some of you will want to watch 90 Day Fiancé season 9 online.

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