I got tired of having video game controllers everywhere, so this is how I organized them

A spinning controller stand holding several different controllers
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The right controller can make a world of difference depending on the game you’re playing, and if you want to play locally with other people, you will definitely need more than one controller.

Maybe you’re playing a racing game and need a controller with analog triggers, or perhaps you’re playing a platformer and want to use a controller with a great D-Pad. Either way, it makes sense to have multiple controllers on hand for a variety of different games.

For me personally, it was the Nintendo Switch that led to me starting my own controller collection. While my trusty Xbox 360 controller and later an Xbox One controller with Bluetooth were good enough for playing on PC, the hybrid nature of the Switch and its vast collection of multiplayer games like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate led me to explore different styles of controllers.

From 8BitDo’s retro-style Sn30 Pro to Hyperkin’s remake of the original Xbox’s Duke, over the years I’ve amassed quite a large collection of the best Nintendo Switch controllers and best PC game controllers. Whether you’re like me and enjoy pairing each game you play with the perfect controller for the task at hand or own multiple consoles with their own controllers, keeping them all organized can be quite difficult.

Fortunately, I’ve figured out a few ways to keep all of my controllers neat and tidy while still being easily accessible when they’re needed. Here’s how I separate my modern controllers from my gamepads without my controller collection taking up loads of space.

A spinning stand for modern controllers

As SNES, NES, Genesis and even modern gamepads like those from 8BitDo are flat and don’t have handles, keeping them organized is actually really easy. However, the same can’t be said for modern controllers.

When I say modern controllers, I mean any controller with two handles and two analog sticks like the DualShock 4, DualSense Wireless controller, the Xbox Wireless Controller and even the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. These controllers may lie flat on a table or even on one of the best standing desks but their handles and larger size make them more difficult to store.

Although you can find tons of different controller holders on Amazon with some even designed to look just like your favorite video game characters, storing a lot of different controllers this way takes up a lot of space or requires multiple stands. This is why I turned to Etsy for something custom-made to fit my controller collecting needs.

In my search for the perfect way to store all of my different modern controllers, I came across the Fang Control Tower Video Game Controller Stand ($72, Etsy). While there are several different options including a stand for 8 or 12 controllers and even versions with a headphone stand, I picked up the largest one. 

A close up shot of the Fang controller stand from Etsy

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My Fang controller stand can hold up to 16 controllers in rows of four and if you want to quickly grab one of the controllers at the back, it also spins. Handmade from ABS, it was very easy to put together and in the five years I’ve owned it, I haven’t had any problems yet. Also, as you can see in the picture above, there’s plenty of room between each controller holder which is perfect for larger and bulkier controllers. For instance, I have both the Steam controller and the Hyperkin Duke on the bottom row.

If you have an Xbox Series X, a PS5 and a Nintendo Switch or even some last-gen consoles hanging around, this controller stand makes it easy to keep all of the different controllers for each console in one place and easy to reach. It also doesn’t take up too much space and looks a whole lot better than trying to mount all of your controllers on the wall.

A place for every gamepad

Remember when I said that storing and organizing your gamepads was a lot easier? Well, it certainly is and you can have them all in one place with their cords wrapped up nicely for $10 to $20. 

An over-the-door shoe rack used to hold gamepad controllers

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Over-the-door shoe racks may be intended for shoes but they’re great for storing anything you want and even all your cables as long as the items aren’t larger than their pockets. To keep the gamepads for my SNES Classic, Genesis Mini and other mini consoles along with my retro-style ones for the Switch organized, I purchased an over-the-door shoe rack like the Gorilla Grip Shoe Holder Rack ($14, Amazon), as I liked the fact that it has breathable mesh instead of clear plastic for the pockets.

A close up shot of an over-the-door shoe hanger used to store gamepad controllers

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Another great thing about using an over-the-door shoe rack to hold your controllers is that you have plenty of extra space for accessories. 

For instance, with gamepads like the Power A Fusion Wired Fightpad for the Switch that has a detachable cable, I can easily store it behind the gamepad in the same pocket. Likewise, this is also really handy for 8BitDo’s retro-style controllers that often come with USB dongles to use them on different consoles.

A wide shot of the over-the-door shoe hanger used to store gamepads in a home office

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If you do decide to go this route, I highly recommend getting a see-through over-the-door shoe rack so that you can show off your controller collection. While I may not be able to use all my different gamepads as much as I would like, I have them hanging from the closet door in my office and look over at them from time to time when I need a bit of inspiration.

Finding the right controller stand or organizer for you

If you’ve made it this far in my story about how I organized my controllers, maybe you’re thinking about doing something similar in your own home or game room — and you definitely should. Not only are controllers expensive but without one, you won’t be able to play your favorite games. However, controllers can also be beautiful and instead of being tucked away in a drawer, they really should be out in the open.

Deciding on a controller stand or how you want to organize your own controllers depends on a few factors. Do you frequently play games locally with your friends or family? Do you own multiple consoles? Are you considering upgrading to a next-gen console or building your own PC? Do you play a wide variety of games from different genres that could be well-suited to specialized or ‘Pro controllers?

Once you’ve answered these questions, you can then pick out an appropriate controller stand or even use an over-the-door shoe rack as I did. What’s the point of having a collection if you don’t proudly display it? Collecting controllers and trying out new ones with different designs has been a lot of fun for me personally and while some might say “you only need one controller,” I beg to differ.

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