Xbox Series X in stock at Argos — get your console now

xbox series x Agos restock
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If you’ve been after a next-gen Xbox, then you might want to get over to Argos as the Xbox Series X is currently in stock on the retailer's website. 

Availability will vary depending on your local area, but this a promising sign that Argos Xbox Series X or PS5 restock could be gathering pace. Hopefully, that means the retailer has been stockpiling and could have a large number of units on offers right now. 

Xbox Series X: £449 @ Argos

Xbox Series X: £449 @ Argos
Xbox's flagship console is back in stock at Argos. Capable of playing games in glorious 4K and with the most comprehensive backwards compatibility program of any console on the market, it's no wonder these machines are in high demand. 

The Xbox Series X has been extremely tricky to track down since its November launch. Even when a retailer does restock the console it typically sells out in mere minutes so if you’re after one of these powerful gaming machines we suggest getting your skates on. 

Recently retailers like Amazon, Game, and Very have restocked the console so we’re hoping that the stock issues will soon be a thing of the past. Of course, we’re not there yet and for now, at least you won’t be able to secure an Xbox Series X without being super speedy (and having a slice of good fortune on your side).

We’re keeping track of the Xbox Series X restock situation at every major retailer in our where to buy an Xbox Series X guide, so if you’re looking to grab one make sure to give it a bookmark and check back regularly.

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