What to watch in July: 19 new movies and shows on Netflix, HBO Max, Prime Video and more

Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven, wearing her white vest
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When summer days become hot, turn on the AC and stream one of the many new movies and shows to watch in July. A legion of options await on Netflix, HBO Max, Apple TV Plus and other streaming services. You can stay cool and be entertained! There's so much so, in fact that we've just added two more to the list, because it's so hard to keep track.

The July streaming lineup includes returning favorites Stranger Things season 4 volume 2 and Better Call Saul season 6 part 2, so we can finally see the resolutions to their crazy cliffhangers. Also returning in the following weeks are fan-favorites Virgin River season 4, Harley Quinn season 3 and High School Musical: The Musical: The Series season 3.

This month also debuts several new series, such as post-apocalyptic video game adaptation Resident Evil, Issa Rae’s new comedy Rap Sh!t, the teen mystery spinoff Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin and crime thriller Black Bird (starring the late Ray Liotta). 

On the movies front, Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans headline The Gray Man, while the father-daughter dramedy Don’t Make Me Go is #StarringJohnCho.

Here’s our guide on what to watch in July.

Stranger Things 4 volume 2 (Netflix) 

Two episodes of TV. One of the most anticipated TV returns of July 2022 is two episodes of Stranger Things. Except it's not really two episodes, if you ask us. Netflix announced that Stranger Things 4 volume 2 has a run time of three hours and 57 minutes, enough time for Max to go "Running Up That Hill" 48 times. So, we've basically got two movies' worth of Stranger Things to watch, and we're gonna need every minute to count.

That's because we have a ton of Stranger Things 4 questions left over from the first seven episodes, including all our concerns about which Stranger Things character will die. Because as the above trailer basically screams, it doesn't feel like everyone's making it back to Hawkins together. 

Is Eleven going to get all of her powers back? How much time does it take to get from Russia to Indiana? Will the whole Mike storyline this season have meant anything? Are Steve and Nancy going to finally get back together before one of them gets killed off? How is our favorite D&D dungeon master going to clear his name in the court of public opinion? But most importantly, how does this all set up Stranger Things 5, the last chapter of the retro horror saga? Only time will tell, and we have to admit that we're worried that Dr. Brenner is holding more secrets that need to be revealed. – Henry T. Casey

Stream it on Netflix starting Friday, July 1

The Terminal List (Prime Video) 

Amazon Prime Video is committed to giving dads everywhere new stuff that's made for them. The Terminal List is the latest entry into Prime Video's hallowed halls that were paved by shows such as Bosch, Jack Ryan and Reacher, and this time it's starring one of the MCU's galactic guardians: Chris Pratt. Here, Star-Lord is playing James Reece, a Navy SEAL lieutenant commander who is up against powers much bigger than himself.

Returning home from a big mission that's gone terribly wrong, Reece discovers that someone's re-written the narrative he himself experienced. And when it seems like the military man and his loved ones are in danger, he enlists some of the folks he served with and a journalist (Constance Wu) to try and fight the conspiracy. – HTC

Stream it on Prime Video starting Friday, July 1

Black Bird (Apple TV Plus)  

Jimmy (Taron Egerton) wasn't supposed to become a criminal. His father (the late Ray Liotta), a respected local policeman and high school football legend, wasn't supposed to have a ne'er-do-well son. Faced with 10 years in prison, Jimmy's made a very dangerous decision: Try to avoid his sentence by working with law enforcement to take down suspected serial killer Larry Hall (Paul Walter Hauser).

Unfortunately, that requires Jimmy to go in deeper, to an even more-dangerous maximum security prison where he needs to get a confession from Hall. This looks like a haunting and engaging series, as the moments of Hauser's performance we've seen are extremely unnerving. At the same time, Hall's words seem unreliable at best, as he might not actually be responsible. Inspired by actual events, and executive produced by Dennis Lehane. – HTC

Stream it on Apple TV Plus starting July 8

Boo, Bitch (Netflix)

To All the Boys queen Lana Condor returns to Netflix with an irreverent supernatural teen comedy, in which she plays a “motherf*%king ghost.” Erika Vu is a high school senior who is a bit of a wallflower. Her best friend Gia (Zoe Colletti) convinces her to go to a big party, where she attracts the notice of handsome Jake C. (Mason Versaw). Think Booksmart, but then the story takes a supernatural turn.

The successful outing leads Erika to decide to live up for the rest of the year — just before she’s hit by a semi and dies. Somehow, she’s able to continue on as a ghost but only if she becomes more famous in the afterlife than she was before. With newfound confidence, Erika embarks on a quest to achieve popularity (and a big social media following). But her “no f***s to give” attitude may turn her into a truly horrific monster: a mean girl. – Kelly Woo

Stream it on Netflix starting Friday July 8

Better Call Saul season 6 part 2 (AMC)

Jimmy McGill (Bob Odenkirk) may have changed his name to Saul Goodman, but the attorney we met in Breaking Bad is still the same guy he's always been. And his situation is finally starting to break bad in all the ways he's probably worried about. After a shocking finale that brought bloodshed to his own living room, McGill's work with the local cartel has now stained his wife Kim Wexler's (Rhea Seehorn) hands as well as his own.

That's where we find the pair at the start of the final six episodes of one of the best shows on TV. Lalo Salamanca (Tony Dalton) has arrive at their doorstep, likely to use Jimmy as a pawn in his quest for vengeance against Gustavo Fring (Giancarlo Esposito). And even though we know that some characters won't die, tension heading into the next Better Call Saul episode is at an all-time high. – HTC

Stream it on AMC via Sling and other services or on AMC Plus via Amazon starting July 11

What We Do in the Shadows season 4 (FX)

The best vampires on TV since Buffy's Spike and True Blood's Eric Northman are back to get more familiar. And this time, they've got a baby on board. Yes, for those who turned off the TV the second we thought Colin Robinson died in season 3, we've got good news. Our favorite emotional vampire isn't actually dead, he's just restarted his 100-year life cycle … as a baby who has his own adult head. 

And while Nandor and Nadja seemingly struck out on the road last season, both are seemingly back home. Nadja's focused on trying to start a night club, and Nandor's trying to date. Laszlo? Well, he's tired of the Vampiric Council, throwing those duties out the window. As for Guillermo? Our poor Gizmo is seemingly going to spend another season unable to become a vampire.

Here's how to watch What We Do in the Shadows season 4 from anywhere in the world.

Stream it on FX via Sling and other services starting July 12

The Bob’s Burgers Movie (Hulu and HBO Max)

The Belcher family went on a trip from the small screen to the big screen for their latest calamity, and thankfully it's coming home not too long thereafter. Arriving on both Hulu and HBO Max at the same time (and on Disney Plus' Star Channel if you're outside of the U.S.), The Bob's Burgers movie has a somewhat familiar story: The family needs a lot of money to dig themselves out from financial insolvency. This time, though, the store can't possibly get that money back, due to a literal hole in the ground.

While the Belchers try and solve that issue, they've also got a local murder mystery to solve. Oh, and the question of why Louise always wears her bunny-ears hat comes to the forefront, in a way that might push the youngest Belcher to mature a little. – HTC

Stream it on Hulu and HBO Max on July 12

Everything's Trash (Freeform)

Comedian and 2 Dope Queens podcast co-host Phoebe Robinson created, wrote and stars in this comedy based on her collection of essays. She plays a fictionalized version of herself, a thirtysomething podcaster whose Brooklyn life is a bit of a mess.

She's forced to start adulting when her brother (Jordan Carlos) emerges as a leading political candidate. Jayden is an extremely intelligent "Blerd" with Barack Obama-level aspirations and dreams for his community. Phoebe must rein in her wild yet entertaining behavior or risk overshadowing his campaign. 

Stream it on Freeform (via Sling) starting Wednesday, July 13.

Resident Evil (Netflix) 

After many live-action movies, and many animated versions, the Resident Evil video game series is getting the last obvious adaptation: a live-action Netflix series. And this version is a little different; told in two different periods of time, we see the Umbrella Corporation's effects on humanity both before and after the horrific results of the T-Virus are unleashed. 

In the past, Albert Wesker (Lance Reddick) makes the discovery of what's gone wrong. In the present, his daughter Jade (Ella Balinska) is struggling to survive. Netflix likely hopes that this Resident Evil is its next Witcher (and not its next Cowboy Bebop). We're hoping that this series is good enough to last until it can introduce Countess Alcina Dimitrescu. – HTC

Stream it on Netflix starting Thursday, July 14

Don’t Make Me Go (Prime Video) 

Six years after #StarringJohnCho went viral on social media, there is still a decided lack of movies and shows starring the actor. The meme was intended to highlight the lack of Asian representation in big mainstream projects, and while some improvements have been made, it’s still not enough. And Cho himself really deserves more headlining opportunities (the short-lived Cowboy Bebop series hardly counts). 

He gets top billing in Prime Video's heartwarming road trip flick, putting his considerable charm and charisma into the role of Max, a single dad who is diagnosed with a terminal illness. Wanting to bond with his teen daughter Wally (Mia Isaac), he takes her on a cross-country trek. Wally, who doesn’t know his secret, reluctantly agrees after being promised driving lessons. They head to New Orleans for Max’s college reunion, where he hopes to encounter Wally’s long-absent mother. – KW

Stream it on Prime Video starting Friday, July 15

Persuasion (Netflix) 

Jane Austen’s novels regularly get adapted into movies and TV shows, either as straightforward period pieces (2020’s Emma) or modernized updates (see: Hulu’s new and delightful gay rom-com Fire Island). Persuasion seems to get the short end of the stick, for some reason, though the novel is a beautiful story about a second chance at love. Then again, some irate fans are wishing Netflix’s version had never seen the light of day, based on the cheeky and comedic trailer. 

Dakota Johnson stars as heroine Anne Elliot, a wallflower who still laments breaking off an engagement to humble naval officer Frederick Wentworth (Cosmo Jarvis) at the urging of her pompous family. Seven years later, she encounters him again, but he is now a wealthy and celebrated captain. Anne longs to reignite their romance, but is uncertain if Wentworth still loves her and can forgive her. – KW

Stream it on Netflix starting July 15

Virgin River season 4 (Netflix)

Baby on board — but who is the father? Time to call up Maury Povich! When season 3 of the romantic drama ended, Mel (Alexandra Breckenridge) was pregnant. But as she confessed to on-again, off-again love Jack (Martin Henderson), she was unsure if it was his or the result of a leftover embryo made with her dead husband. 

Despite this complication, Mel is excited for the future, as she’s wanted to be a mother for years. Jack tries to be supportive, though the paternity issue troubles him. A handsome new physician (Mark Ghanimé) doesn’t make the situation any easier. Meanwhile, Doc (Tim Matheson) has his hands full with his newly-arrived long-lost grandson (Kai Bradbury) and Hope’s (Annette O'Toole) recovery from traumatic brain injury. – KW

Stream it on Netflix starting July 20

Rap Sh!t (HBO Max)

Pour one (mimosa) out for Insecure, which ended its five-season run on HBO late last year, then top up for Issa Rae’s new half-hour comedy Rap Sh!t. The series follows two estranged high school friends who reunite to form a rap group. Shawna (Aida Osman) works at a hotel, but dreams of making it big as a rapper. Makeup artist Mia (KaMillion) is a single mother to a four-year-old daughter who works three jobs to make ends meet. 

Rae has said she was inspired how Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion broke out partly by using social media. Mia and Shawna will not only have to put their differences aside, but navigate the complex music industry, building an online following and find a way to turn their art into actual money. – KW

Stream it on HBO Max starting July 21

The Gray Man (Netflix) 

It's hard to say if The Gray Man will be great. It certainly has the star-power: Ryan Gosling (getting beat up) and Chris Evan (with a hilariously hideous mustache) are in a spy-vs-spy adventure that looks very high budget (and it should be, it cost $200 million and is Netflix's most-expensive movie ever). Oh, and it's also directed by Anthony and Joe Russo, the duo behind many of the best Marvel movies, including Captain America: The Winter Soldier. 

The first of a likely series of movies adapting Mark Greany's Court Gentry novels, The Gray Man is the kind of movie Netflix bet big on. And while its star power practically guarantees it will top the Netflix Top 10 for at least a short while, we're also hoping this is a fun movie to watch. – HTC

Stream it on Netflix starting Friday, July 22

High School Musical: The Musical: The Series season 3 (Disney Plus)

First thing’s first: Olivia Rodrigo will return as Nini in HSMTMTS in season 3, but on a recurring basis. She has, you know, other stuff going on (like her supernova music career). This season, though, finds The East High Wildcats leaving Salt Lake City for the summer to head to California’s Camp Shallow Lake for s’mores, starlight kisses and, of course, a musical! 

On this trip, the campers put on a production of Frozen, which means competitive auditions, performance jitters and backstage crises for all. Season 3 adds some new faces into the mix, including Jesse Tyler Ferguson as Nini’s old family friend, JoJo Siwa as a former camper and Corbin Bleu as himself. – KW

Stream it on Disney Plus starting July 27

Harley Quinn season 3 (HBO Max) 

Harley Quinn (voiced by Kaley Cuoco) and Poison Ivy (voiced by Lake Bell), or HarlIvy as Ms. Quinn is calling their new coupling, are finally back. Harley Quinn season 3 finds the new couple on vacation a couple of weeks into their "Eat, bang, kill" tour, and ready to return to Gotham. Yes, for those who haven't tuned in, one of the best shows on HBO Max finally bit the bullet last season on its "will they or won't they?" storyline, and Harley and Ivy are now a united force of chaos.

Of course, we expect familiar faces to show up to try and ruin them, particularly Joker (Alan Tudyk) and Doctor Psycho (Tony Hale). We're also very curious to see how Kite-Man (Matt Oberg), who Ivy ditched for Harley, is holding up. Plus, in fantastic news, Harvey Guillen (Guillermo from What We Do In The Shadows) joins the Harley Quinn cast as Nightwing. – HTC

Stream it on HBO Max on July 28

Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin (HBO Max) 

Riverdale creator Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa brings his flair for spooky, twisty teen dramas to a spinoff of Pretty Little Liars. The popular Freeform series, which ran from 2010 to 2017, revolved around a group of friends in the town of Rosewood as they dealt with threatening messages sent by a mysterious figure called “A.” 

Original Sin focuses on a new generation of Little Liars. Twenty years ago, tragic events nearly ripped the blue-collar community apart. Now, a disparate group of teen girls are tormented by an unknown Assailant who seeks to punish them for sins committed by their parents in the past as well as their own. – KW

Stream it on HBO Max starting July 28

Paper Girls (Prime Video)

Brian K. Vaughan has seen his comics Runaways and Y: The Last Man adapted into series. The latest is Paper Girls, a time travel adventure that follows four 12-year-old girls in 1988 who set out to deliver newspapers on the morning after Halloween. They inadvertently stumble into a time warp, which sends them to the year 2019. 

Once there, Tiffany Quilkin (Camryn Jones), Erin Tieng (Lai Nelet), Mac Coyle (Sofia Rosinsky) and KJ Brandman (Fina Strazza) must find a way to return home. Their mission brings them face-to-face with their adult counterparts, giving them a shocking preview of their futures. As they struggle to take it all in, the girls are also being hunted by militant time travelers. To survive, they must learn to trust each other and themselves. – KW

Stream it on Prime Video starting July 29

Surface (Apple TV Plus) 

Sophia (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) is going very deep, but even her therapist is acting like she's pushing too far. Or at least she's trying to get to the bottom of this. A traumatic head injury taking place when she supposedly jumped off a ferry robbed Sophia of her memories, and she's now questioning everything she's been told about her life. 

Since Sophia is so critically-minded, she's unwilling to accept the beauty of the life she's woken up in. Her investigations about her past will dig up truths about her husband (Oliver Jackson-Cohen). – HTC

Stream it on Apple TV Plus starting July 29

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