Ted Lasso season 3 gets first look and release date update

Brendan Hunt, Jason Sudeikis and Brett Goldstein will return in Ted Lasso season 3
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You better believe that we’re excited to finally get some form of update on Ted Lasso season 3. The breakout Apple TV Plus hit was disappointingly absent in 2022, and after months with no fresh details, we found ourselves asking when the heck is Ted Lasso season 3 coming? And at last, we have an answer, kind of. 

Like many of the best streaming services Apple TV Plus is currently hyping up its 2023 schedule. Among the confirmed new and returning shows, it was announced that Ted Lasso season 3 will premiere in the Spring 2023. 

Sure, that's not the firm release date we wanted, but at least we finally have a launch window. Plus, with January already more than halfway through, Spring is actually closer than you think. 

Alongside this release date update, Apple TV Plus has also given fans a first look at the next season of the soccer sitcom in the form of a teaser image. The image shows Coach Lasso (Jason Sudeikis) and Nathan Shelley (Nick Mohammed) coming face to face in an elevator. Lasso has his trademark beaming smile, whereas Nathan looks considerably less friendly. 

In the background is Rupert Mannion (Anthony Head), the former owner of AFC Richmond and the show’s main antagonist. Behind him, you can also see a West Ham United logo suggesting the scene is taking place at the Premier League club’s training facility. 

A somewhat vague launch window and a single image aren’t all that much to go on, but it’s the biggest update on Ted Lasso season 3 we’ve had since it was confirmed as happening way back in October 2020. And this single social media post has significantly raised our anticipation levels. 

After all, Ted Lasso is almost universally considered one of the best TV shows on Apple TV Plus, and it even managed to break my own defenses after I initially tried to resist its charms. 

What does this tell us about Ted Lasso season 3?  

Apple TV Plus Ted Lasso

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Ted Lasso has always been a summer show, with its first season debuting in August, and it's second in July. So in that regard Ted Lasso season 3 is a break from the established tradition. However, online whispers have suggested this third season has faced major production delays, so perhaps it was originally supposed to debut last summer before being punted into the Spring. 

Looking more closely at the teaser image, it would appear to reaffirm that the big conflict of season 3 will be the showdown between Nate and Coach Lasso. The Ted Lasso season 2 finale saw Nate turn his back on AFC Richmond after believing Lasso had purposefully neglected him and ultimately defect to West Ham United. But at least Ted’s beaming face suggests there is no hard feeling — on his side at least. 

The social caption reads, “time to win the whole f***ing thing,” a quote from Coach Lasso in the season one finale. And this is perhaps an indicator that AFC Richmond will be battling to win the Premier League title this season. Who their direct rivals will be is unclear but previous seasons have featured real-world soccer clubs such as Man City, and it’s probably a good bet that West Ham, now coached by Nate, will be in the mix. Could historic clubs like Man Utd or Liverpool also feature? 

For now, all these questions will have to wait until the Spring, or at least until Apple TV Plus releases the first trailer for Ted Lasso season 3. Hopefully, we’re not kept waiting too long for an extended peak at what’s to come. And as for the show’s Spring return, fingers crossed that’s early Spring rather than late.  

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