This Apple Watch rival steals one of its best features — and it’s a lot cheaper

MoveTime Family Watch MT43A
(Image credit: TCL)

The TCL MoveTime Family Watch MT43A, introduced at IFA 2020, offers a number of health-focused features that can help out an older person still living on their own. And it’s a lot more affordable than the Apple Watch 5.

The TCL smartwatch offers fall detection and heart rate monitoring, and you can set reminders about medication and other daily activities.

TCL has set a price of €229 — roughly $270 — compared to the Apple Watch Series 5's starting price of $399. That's the Apple Watch model offering fall detection features; the $199 Apple Watch Series 3 is able to detect high and low heart rates, just like the MoveTime Family Watch MT43A.

TCL is sweetening the pot for seniors by making its watch more friendly to older users. The 48.5 x 41 mm display is a little larger than what you typically see in other watches, and the MT43A has optimized icons that are easier to view.

The MT43A's fall detection feature sends an alert 60 seconds after it's triggered to assigned emergency contacts, who are given the wearer's precise location. The embedded heart rate monitor on the MT43A also detects accelerated or slower heart rates, sending alerts to the user.

Besides those health-tracking features, the MT43A allows for hands-free two-way calling. Users can also send voice and text messages as well as photos directly from their wrist. The watch includes activity- and sleep-tracking features as well.

TCL says the MoveTime Family Watch sports IP67 dust and water resistance. It's set to come out this fall in both North America and Europe, and you can get the watch in dark gray or black.

Philip Michaels

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