Star Wars Zoom backgrounds are here: How to get them now

star wars zoom background
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Star Wars Zoom backgrounds will make it seem like you're dialing in from a galaxy far, far away on Star Wars Day, May the 4th. Select from over 30 images depicting the Star Wars universe that can be used as virtual backgrounds on video conferences. The gorgeous photos, provided by, already rank at the top of our list of best free Zoom backgrounds. 

The Star Wars Zoom backgrounds draw from the movies' most iconic locations, including the Millennium Falcon, Tatooine, Cloud City, the Death Star and the Rebel Base. Places from the sequel trilogy — The Force Awakens, The Last Jedi and The Rise of Skywalker – are also represented, like Jakku, Exegol and Kylo Ren's Star Destroyer. Baby Yoda might cry, though, since The Mandalorian isn't among the choices.

Zoom backgrounds are a great way to liven up video calls, whether they're work meetings or catch-ups with friends and family. If you've never used the feature before, learn how to change your Zoom background. Once you get the hang of it, you can transform your messy living room or windowless home office into a tropical beach, Jerry Seinfeld's apartment or the icy landscape of Hoth. 

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Free zoom background: Star Wars

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How to get free Star Wars Zoom backgrounds

  1. Go to on web browser or mobile.
  2. Click on desired image(s) to open at full resolution.
  3. On a browser, right click to download image(s) to your computer. On mobile, click and hold to add to your photos.
  4. Then, open Zoom and enter Settings.
  5. In the Virtual Background tab, upload your Star Wars image.

Free zoom background: Star Wars Millennium Falcon

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If you're having trouble, check out our full guide on how to change your Zoom background

If you're looking for other fun images to use, check out some fun options in our round-up of the best free Zoom backgrounds. They include a bunch of pop culture favorites like Marvel movies, The Simpsons living room, the Friends apartment and Netflix shows (including the pod from Love Is Blind). If you need more serious Zoom backgrounds for work meetings, you can choose a name placard or the image of an actual conference room. 

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