Best free Zoom backgrounds

best free zoom backgrounds
(Image credit: Zoom)

The best free Zoom backgrounds can turn your video calls into a visual party. Being able to add virtual backgrounds is one of the Zoom’s best features as instead of seeing your messy office or bedroom, your colleagues or friends can see you hanging out in the Friends apartment, cruising on the Millennium Falcon or inserted into the latest meme.

If you’re not sure how to get this working, read our guide on how to change your Zoom background and then try out the various settings.

Over the last few years, everyone has used Zoom as its one of the best video chat apps to call into meetings while working from home or to connect with long-distance family and friends. One of Zoom’s most used features is a setting that lets you add a virtual background which swaps out the real-life background with a video or image. The best part, you don’t need a green screen to do so.

The virtual background feature is also a fun way to mix up your Zoom calls as well as one of the main ways that Zoom stands out from the best Zoom alternatives.

Although Zoom offers a few different default backgrounds, you can personalize your appearance further by downloading free Zoom backgrounds. People are using all kinds of images and videos to help liven up their calls, including popular memes, famous TV show sets and gorgeous landscapes. You can even make it look like you’re in a regular office conference room.

These are some of our favorite free Zoom backgrounds.

Free Zoom background: Star Wars

Free zoom background: Star Wars Millennium Falcon

(Image credit: Lucasfilm Ltd/

With Obi-Wan Kenobi and Andor hitting hyperdrive this summer, why not dial into your Zoom meeting from a galaxy far, far away? has created a bunch of free Zoom backgrounds so you can look like you're floating in Cloud City, in the control room of the Death Star, strolling around Tatooine or braving the icy weather of Hoth, among many choices.

Free zoom background: Star Wars Millennium Falcon

(Image credit:

Free Zoom background: Animal Crossing New Horizons

Best free Zoom backgrounds: Animal Crossing

(Image credit: Nintendo)

You already spend most of your free time trading turnips on Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Now, you can port into the ACNH world on Zoom, with four spiffy backgrounds provided by Nintendo. Dial in from town square or the Resident Services building!

Free Zoom background: Marvel movies

Free zoom backgrounds: Marvel movies

(Image credit: Marvel)

Video call backgrounds, assemble! Yes, Marvel got into the free Zoom backgrounds universe, tweeting out several images from MCU films including Black Panther, Iron Man and Doctor Strange.

Free Zoom background: The Simpsons couch

Best free Zoom background: The Simpsons couch

(Image credit: Fox)

A lot of different brands and TV shows have been sharing free Zoom backgrounds. Fox tweeted out this image of The Simpsons couch in the animated show's living room. 

Free Zoom background: Seinfeld's apartment

Best free Zoom background: Seinfeld

(Image credit: Modsy)

E-interior design service Modsy has recreated famous pop culture homes, like this re-creation of Jerry Seinfeld's apartment. Download the high-res version.

Free Zoom background: Game of Thrones Iron Throne

Best free Zoom backgrounds: Game of Thrones Iron Throne

(Image credit: HBO)

No need to battle the Lannisters, Starks, Baratheons or any other noble house of Westeros for the Iron Throne — you can just plop yourself on it via a free Zoom background. 

Free Zoom background: Giphy backdrops

Zoom backgrounds don't have to be a static image. You can use a GIF, like this pre-made collection from Giphy. Choose to sit in front of a seaside landscape with a moving sailboat or a bubbling waterfall. Our favorite is the city with floating animals like jellyfish and a whale.

Free Zoom background: The Walking Dead

Best free Zoom backgrounds: The Walking Dead

(Image credit: AMC)

The world still feels eerily similar to The Walking Dead with all the turmoil going on. But unlike the zombie drama, which tweeted a few free Zoom backgrounds, we don't have to worry about brain-eating monsters coming for us (probably?). 

Free Zoom background: Friends, Monica's apartment

Best free Zoom backgrounds: Friends living room

(Image credit: Modsy)

Try this Modsy recreation of Monica's apartment from Friends and you can pretend like you live in a comically large NYC pad. Download the high-res version.

Free Zoom background: Netflix shows

Best free Zoom backgrounds: Netflix shows

(Image credit: Netflix)

Netflix tweeted several free Zoom backgrounds, including one of the plexiglass cage in You, Lara Jean Covey's bedroom in To All the Boys I've Loved Before and a pod from the dating series Love Is Blind.

Best free Zoom backgrounds: Love Is Blind

(Image credit: Netflix)

Free Zoom background: This is fine

Best free Zoom backgrounds: This is fine dog

(Image credit: offers more than 30 free virtual backgrounds to use on Zoom. They are categorized into memes, funny, movie caps, landscapes and videos. 

The best Zoom background on the site has to be KC Green's "This is fine" dog meme. Seems about right for these times. 

Free Zoom background: IKEA living

Free Zoom backgrounds: IKEA

(Image credit: IKEA)

Maybe your apartment is full of IKEA furniture, but let's be honest, it probably doesn't look as put-together or lifestyle porn-like as these free IKEA Zoom backgrounds. The ready-to-assemble home furnishings store offers several options that you can use for celebrations and romantic dates, but also if you just want it to look like your home office or bedroom is gorgeously decorated.

Free Zoom background: Conference call bingo

Best free Zoom background: Conference call bingo

(Image credit: Canva)

Canva is an online design tool that offers free virtual background templates that you can customize. Our favorite is this conference call bingo sheet. 

Free Zoom background: Name placard

Best free Zoom backgrounds: Name placard

(Image credit: Canva)

You can also opt for a simpler route on Canva, like making a name placard. 

Free Zoom background: Conference room

Best free zoom backgrounds: Conference room

(Image credit: Photo by Nastuh Abootalebi on Unsplash)

Unsplash is a library of free, high-quality stock images. They offer a range of potential backgrounds, you can appear as if you're in a real conference room.

Free Zoom background: On the road

Best free Zoom backgrounds: On the road

(Image credit: Photo by Luke Stackpoole on Unsplash)

Unsplash's collection of free Zoom backgrounds also features iconic landmarks and beautiful landscapes, like this one of a road in Iceland. 

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