Sleep specialist Helix launches its first flippable mattress for kids

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Helix Sleep has launched a new mattress for children and its completely flippable. The Helix Kids mattress is designed to 'grow' with your child to continuously support their needs the older they get. To do this, it uses a firm side and a soft side, with specific age recommendations for each. 

The firmer side is suggested for younger children when they need more support to 'aid proper development of their growing bodies', while older kids will no doubt love the softer side designed to dish out maximum coziness while still feeling supportive. 

Helix is one of the world’s best mattress brands, so we aren't surprised to see such a high build quality and the use of premium, non-toxic materials here. For example, the mattress features innersprings and durable custom foam layers that are CertiPUR-US certified to ensure they are free from harmful chemicals. The cover is also microbial and water-repellent, helping to keep the surface clean and fresh after any spills.

The Helix Kids costs $649 for a twin size and $899 for a full size, and to celebrate the launch you can currently get $100 off plus two free pillows at Helix Sleep. Read on now to learn more about the new Helix Kids...

Helix Kids Mattress: save $100 + two free pillows
From $549

Helix Kids Mattress: save $100 + two free pillows
From $549
- The new Helix Kids is already on sale, so you can save $100 off the children's mattress itself and you'll get two free Dream Pillows with your purchase. The Helix Kids is naturally hyopallergenic and made with non-toxic materials. The firm side is suggested for little ones aged three to seven, with the softer side for kids aged eight to 12.

The first Helix mattress for kids

Getting the right mattress for kids is crucial. Not only should it support them at every age, but it needs to be safe, sturdy and hygienic too. Helix has taken all of its hybrid and memory foam mattress expertise and has used it to come up with this flippable design. It also means that the Helix Kids is a one-time purchase that will adapt as your child grows.

In a press release celebrating the launch of the Helix Kids Mattress, Meredith Broderick, MD Board Certified in Neurology, Sleep Medicine, and Behavioral Sleep Medicine, said: “As a sleep physician, executing a smooth transition to a big kid bed is an opportunity and a milestone for a child. Creating an optimal sleep environment is a key component of that transition.”

Helix Kids Mattress

The Helix Kids is a flippable mattress designed for children aged three to 12 years (Image credit: Helix)

Alanna McGinn, a certified family sleep coach, added: “With its flippable softer and firmer design, the Helix mattress for kids is going to provide the proper support for all ages of development, while also giving them the comfort and feel they need for a great night of sleep.”

Helix Kids Mattress: Features and benefits

As well as its smart flippable design and cozy comfort, the Helix Kids Mattress has some other key features to make it a good fit for kids of all ages. First, the age ranges are clearly marked down the side of the mattress, so there’ll be no confusion about which side should be facing up. 

As with the best organic mattresses, the Helix kids mattress features an eco-friendly and plant-based water-repellent finish that also resists stains. This keeps the mattress easy to clean and fresh after all types of spills and accidents. 

The mattress cover also has a microbe shield to tackle odor-causing bacteria. Other features of the cover include the soft hypoallergenic Tencel material, which is kinder to sensitive skin. Tencel is also breathable and easy to keep clear of dust and allergens.

And because no kids beds would be complete without a little bounce, this eight-inch hybrid mattress in a box features five inches of innersprings, as well as custom foam layers for a snug feel, on top of proper support and durability.

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