PS VR2: Release date, games, price, hands-on impressions and more

PS VR2 headset and PS VR2 Sense controllers
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It’s been a long time but we are finally getting a follow-up to the PlayStation VR headset. The original headset was designed to provide PS4 users with a virtual reality experience focused on gaming, and the PlayStation VR2 will be no different. The next-generation VR headset will remain focused on gaming, unlike competitors like the Pico 4 and Meta Quest Pro, but this time will require a PS5 to operate.

It’s a bit disappointing to see that — again — we need a console to operate Sony’s VR device. However, there are some benefits to this approach. Namely, the CPU and GPU in the PS5 should provide better performance than what an all-in-one VR headset could provide. Plus, that PS5 hardware will be paired with a MediaTek SoC chip in the headset display and another MediaTek SoC in each of the PS VR2's controllers. This combination should allow it to leap ahead of devices like the Meta Quest 2, which have to make sacrifices to make their all-in-one designs work. We are already seeing some cool features demoed on this next-generation VR headset.

Of course, this means users will need to secure both a PS5 and a PS VR2 to experience Sony’s next VR experience. PS5s remain hard to find, though we do have PS5 restock tracker in case you need to find one. Luckily, the PS VR2 is expected to be much easier to find. Bloomberg (opens in new tab) says that Sony sources expect there to be around 2 million units ready at launch. 

Below, we've included a roundup of everything there is to know about the Sony PSVR 2, including all the latest information regarding the release date, price, games, the new Sense controller and other specs. Be sure to also check out our PSVR 2 vs PSVR guide to see all the biggest expected changes. 

Latest PSVR 2 news (Updated Jan. 31)

PS VR2: Release date

an image of the PSVR 2 headset and controllers

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Sony all but confirmed back in August 2022 that the PS VR 2 will launch in early 2023. They have since confirmed that the PS VR2 will release on February 22, 2023, with pre-orders starting on November 15, 2022. Make sure to check out our PS VR2 pre-order guide to secure your headset. 

The good news is that you no longer have to wait to get an invitation to pre-order the PS VR2. You can just go to PlayStation Direct and pre-order one now. This change may be due to softer-than-expected interest from consumers. Bloomberg reports that Sony has cut the headset's initial production order in half, from two million units to one million, as pre-order interest is comparatively lower than the PS5.  

However, Sony has denied the above claim saying it "has not cut PS VR 2 production numbers" in a brief statement given to (opens in new tab). Sony also notes it is "seeing enthusiasm from PlayStation fans for the upcoming launch" of the second-generation virtual reality headset. 

PS VR2: Games

Horizon Call of the Mountain on PS VR2.

(Image credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc.)

The PSVR 2 headset is expected to come with 20 plus games at launch, according to a previous briefing from Sony. The expectation is that these will be a blend of first-party and third-party games. 

One game we know is coming is Horizon Call of the Mountain from Guerrilla and Firesprite, which is being built exclusively for the PS VR2. Some journalists have already played Horizon Call of the Mountain, and most have come away impressed. According to Jay Peters, one of the journalists that have already played it, "The sense of scale in the game is amazing, and watching a gigantic mechanical dino walk directly overhead felt like visiting a post-apocalyptic Jurassic Park.” The game is also touted for showcasing the headset’s unique features such as the inclusion of haptic feedback in the headset itself. 

Resident Evil Village

(Image credit: Capcom)

Other games confirmed by Sony to be coming to the next-generation VR gaming headset (opens in new tab) include Resident Evil Village, The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners – Chapter 2: Retribution and Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge – Enhanced Edition. Resident Evil Village is particularly exciting as the console version was nearly perfect and one of our favorite games of 2021. The PS VR2 will feature the entire single-player campaign, which is a major win for the new VR headset.

Finally, Sony followed up its PlayStation VR2 launch announcement on November 2, 2022, with the announcement that 11 additional games are coming to PS VR2 (opens in new tab). While these are all smaller in hype than the previously announced four games, it does bring the total of confirmed games up to 15 — many of which you can pre-order alongside the PS VR2 headset on November 15. 

PS VR2: Price

PS VR2 Horizon Call of the Mountain bundle

(Image credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc.)

Our hope was that the PS VR2 would be priced competitively against the Meta Quest 2, but we were concerned that ultimately we would see a price increase from the $499 PS VR. Those fears have since come to fruition, with Sony confirming that the PS VR2 will cost $549.99 / £529.99/ €‎599.99 / AU$879.95. There is also a PS VR2 Sense controller charging station is $49.99 / £39.99 / €‎49.99/ AU$79.95.

For those that want to make sure they have a game at launch, Sony is also offering a PS VR2 Horizon Call of the Mountain bundle. This bundle gives you the VR headset, a set of stereo headphones, the PS VR2 Sense controllers and a digital code for Horizon Call of the Mountain. This bundle will cost $599.99 / £569.99 / €‎649.99 / AU$959.95.

PS VR2: Hands-on impressions

We were able to go hands-on with the PS VR2 and our first impressions are largely positive. We loved how the new controllers felt in the hand and how they performed and not needing a camera was a big plus. But the big headline was the headset's foveated rendering, which allows the headset to dedicate more processing power to the area where your eyes are looking and less processing power to the areas you aren’t focusing on for increased graphical performance where you are looking.

That's not to say the system is without flaws. It's not the most comfortable headset for extended use. The design is very front-heavy, making looking up uncomfortable. You'll also need to use headphones for sound, unlike with the Meta Quest 2.

Still, the PS VR2 looks set to be an impressive VR gaming headset when it comes out. check out our hands-on impressions now and stay tuned for our full review once the headset launches in February.

PS VR2: Controller and specs 

an image of the PSVR 2 headset and controllers

(Image credit: Sony)

Thankfully, Sony has dropped the PlayStation Move motion controllers and adopted a form factor similar to the Meta Quest 2 controllers. The new PS VR2 Sense controllers (opens in new tab) will each feature an analog stick as well as a tracking ring across the controller, which is a huge improvement over the Move controller wands. It was a noticeable improvement when we went hands-on with the PS VR2 at CES 2023.

By going with a complete redesign, Sony is able to bring a ton of features to the PS VR2. First, the controllers borrow the DualSense controllers’ adaptive triggers and bring haptic feedback to the PlayStation virtual reality experience. We also get finger touch detection, which allows users to make more natural hand gestures during gameplay. We've now seen a demo of the finger tracking feature and we have to say — it looks impressive and worked well in our hands-on demo. It remains to be seen how impactful a feature it will end up becoming, but it definitely adds a layer to the virtual reality immersion.

PS VR2 specs

Display: Fresnel OLED screens
Resolution: 4K HDR, 2000 x 2040 per eye
FOV: 110 degrees
Refresh rate: 90, 120 Hz
FSR: Flexible scaling resolution concentrates rendering resources on player’s area of focus
Eye tracking: Yes
Haptics in headset: Yes
Controllers: Adaptive triggers, capacitive touch sensors

Regarding the specs under the hood of the headset, Sony has confirmed that the PS VR2 will have a 110-degree field of view and twin 4K HDR displays with a resolution of 2,000 x 2,040 in each eye. Both figures are significant upgrades from the current PSVR, which has a 100-degree field of view and a 1920 x 1080 OLED display. The headset will also allow for eye tracking so that it can respond without you having to move your entire head and 3D Audio.

Because the PS VR2 needs the CPU and GPU of the PS5, it cannot run wirelessly. However, Sony has managed to condense things into a single cord — a massive improvement. The PSVR 2 has also been designed with ergonomics in mind (opens in new tab). The PS VR2 is slimmer and lighter than its predecessor and features an integrated vent for extra airflow and a lens adjustment dial. All indications are that it will be a more comfortable experience than the PS VR. 

Though just because the PS VR2 is leaning on the PS5's computing power doesn't mean it won't bring some heat of its own. The PS VR2 will be powered by two MediaTek SoC chips. These new chips will be distinct from each other, with one powering the display in the headset and the other going into each of the PS VR2's controllers. They should give the PS VR2 an extra boost to justify its high price tag.

PSVR 2 games

Person using the PSVR headset

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

Unfortunately, all these cool features and high-end specs mean that the PS VR2 will not be able to play PS VR games. Sony confirmed this in an episode of the Official PlayStation Podcast (opens in new tab), with PlayStation’s senior vice-president of platform experience Hideaki Nishino stating that “developing games for PSVR 2 requires a whole different approach than the original PSVR.” He explicitly claims that the reason for this is because “PSVR 2 has much more advanced features, like [an] all-new controller with haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, inside-out tracking, eye tracking, 3D audio is coming together and 4K HDR.” In a subsequent interview with Famitsu, Nishino confirmed (opens in new tab) that eye tracking in particular is playing a role in the inability to port many existing PS VR games to PS VR2.

While this is likely disappointing for PS VR users who built up a catalog of PS VR games, ultimately there wasn’t a killer game for the PS VR that PS VR2 users will miss out on. Even Hitman 3, a great console and PC game and one of our best VR games was not the most impressive in terms of performance on PS VR. Hopefully, the games we get from the superior PS VR2 will be worth forgoing the PS VR back catalog. 

 PS VR2: Outlook 

PSVR 2 headset with PSVR 2 Sense controllers

(Image credit: Sony)

Ultimately, the fate of the PS VR2 will come down to whether or not the next-generation headset is truly next-generation. If Sony provides us with a PlayStation VR headset that provides the ultimate virtual reality gaming experience, users will overlook the higher price point. After all, at $399, the Meta Quest 2 isn’t drastically cheaper and isn’t nearly as optimized for gaming. 

But if the PS VR2 is largely iterative, users may find it a struggle to pay over $1,000 for a headset and a PS5. They may simply stick with the PS5 and enter the world of virtual reality when it becomes more affordable to do so. 

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