PS VR2 set for big games library — 100 plus titles in development

PS VR2 headset with PS VR2 Sense controllers
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Sony has confirmed that there are more than 100 games in development for the PS VR2, which should go some way to alleviate concerns about a lack of games for the next-generation virtual reality headset. 

Taking to the PlayStation Blog, Sid Shuman, senior director at SIE Content Communications, simply declared “there are currently more than 100 titles in development for PS VR2,” when asked about how many games for the upcoming VR headset are being worked on. 

an image showing the PS VR2 launch games lineup

(Image credit: Sony)

Neither Shuman nor Sony went into further detail as to what those games might be or if they were all being developed by in-house PlayStation developers or third parties. But it’s a promising sign that the PS VR2 will likely have long-term game development and support. The same couldn’t really be said for the excellent PSVR, which lacked regular game releases. 

There's a possibility that some of these games could be short-lived VR experiences rather than fully-fledged adventures. But it's still good to see Sony making a commitment to this platform. 

As you’ll see in our PS VR2 hands-on, if a few of these games are anything like Horizon Call of the Mountain, we could be looking at some very pretty and immersive titles that could easily challenge those on our best Meta Quest 2 games list. At launch on February 22, the PS VR2 will have more than 30 games to try out. 

And then there’s scope for existing games to be adjusted for VR use, notably first-person shooters; I’d be curious to explore the island of Blackreef in a VR version of Deathloop

In short, the PS VR2 looks set to have a healthy library of games, with more likely to come if the headset proves popular. And that’s a very good thing when the PS VR2 comes with a hefty $549 / £529 / €‎599 / AU$879 price tag.

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