PS5 2TB model just leaked — with a crazy high price tag

(Image credit: Sony)

A 2TB Digital Edition model of the PS5 popped up on, a large online retailer in Germany, with an eye-watering price tag of €974.79 (or about $1,150). 

Now before you panic and decide to buy an Xbox Series X, the listing spotted by GamePro is likely just a placeholder price tag, as the PS5 is predicted to cost around $499. And the Digital Edition, which will come with no Blu-ray drive, is expected to cost less, with a price tag of around $400 to $450.

Sony has yet to reveal the price of its next-generation games console. Nor has Microsoft, so both companies could be playing a game of cat and mouse when it comes to revealing how much their gaming machines will cost. That’s in spite of Sony and Microsoft having different next-gen console strategies; Sony seems poised to focus on selling a lot of PS5 consoles with next-gen gaming in mind, while Microsoft wants to set up an Xbox ecosystem supported with game streaming via Project xCloud.   

Both the PS5 and Xbox Series X are bringing a lot of next-generation tech to console gaming, with AMD’s latest CPU and GPU architecture and support for ray-tracing. But while the Xbox Series X will offer 12 teraflops of GPU power to the PS5’s 10.28 teraflops, Sony’s console will have a super-fast SSD and support for 3D Audio, as well as a fancy new controller in the form of the DualSense

As such, the PS5 could demand a lofty price tag. But we suspect a price of over $1,000 might be a little unrealistic. For that amount, you can get one of our picks for the best gaming PCs, which offer a lot of power, a huge library of games, and double up as a solid work machine as well as a gaming beast.  

Our sibling site Laptop Mag noted that other leaks of the PS5 with 2TB of storage space had the machine priced at around $765. That's still expensive, but it seems  more realistic for a games console with a lot of storage space. But that price popped up on Amazon UK and was likely also a placeholder. 

Another interesting point is that the PS5 will use an 825GB super-fast SSD, with tech that’s not available off-the-shelf at the moment. While that might not seem like a lot of storage space given the current PS4 Pro comes with 1TB of hard disc storage, the fact that it’s using next-generation SSD tech does make it compelling. 

But some gamers may want to keep an extensive range of games on their PS5, which means having the option to get a machine with larger storage space. From what we know so far, the PS5 will be expandable through the use of NVMe SSDs, whereas the Xbox Series X will need proprietary storage cards. 

This means that while the PS5 could come with models that offer extra storage space, it could also be upgraded later on down the line. And that makes the idea of a very expensive 2TB PS5 console seem a little off the money. 

The PS5 is forecasted to launch in November, so we’re expecting to hear more about it before that in terms of models and prices. So far it looks like the PS5 will be expensive, but with games like Horizon Forbidden West and Gran Turismo 7 on the horizon, it just might prove to be worth the asking price.

Roland Moore-Colyer

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  • Hugh too
    I asked Alexa when the PS5 would be released and was told that the US launch would be on Nov 2nd.
    Edit.... Maybe that’s when the Amazon warehouses receive their supplies?