Nintendo Switch 2 reportedly shown to developers — this is big

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Nintendo Switch 2 rumors have been practically non-stop in recent weeks, and we may have just got our biggest hint yet that the device is real courtesy of a new Eurogamer report that suggests Nintendo is already showcasing the device to developers. 

The gaming website has just published a report claiming that Nintendo Switch 2 had a presence at the recent Gamescom 2023 trade show in Cologne, Germany. While the public was able to try out upcoming Nintendo Switch titles like Super Mario Bros. Wonder, Eurogamer claims that behind closed doors Nintendo had something far more exciting to show off to some of its development partners: the Nintendo Switch 2. 

The report claims that one of the Switch 2 demos was a new version of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild that was “designed to hit the Switch 2’s beefier target specs”. However, Eurogamer does note that this was just a tech demo, and there has been no suggestion from its source that Nintendo is planning to re-release the game for the Switch 2. 

Nintendo has yet to publicly announce a successor to its best-selling Switch console, but it's been tipped by several sources in recent months that a successor will launch in 2024. A recent rumor indicates that the Nintendo Switch 2 - which may not be the final name - could launch as early as March next year. 

Other rumors that have circulated this summer include suggestions that the Switch 2 will pack a significant performance boost compared to its predecessor and that it will sport new camera features. It's also been claimed that the Switch 2 will have some form of VR capabilities and that it could be called the Nintendo Focus. Although, it should be noted, that the latter leak comes from a source without a previous track record of delivering accurate information. 

To date, this Eurogamer scoop is the most sizable information we have that the Nintendo Switch 2 is real, and presumably launching next year. However, it still should be taken with a grain of salt until we hear concrete details from Nintendo itself. 

The current Switch was unveiled in October 2016 and then launched in March of the following year, so fingers crossed we're only weeks away from getting our first real look at whatever Nintendo is currently cooking up.

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