Tipster claims Nintendo Switch 2 will drop Switch name — and launch with Mario Kart

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The Nintendo Switch 2 rumor mill has just churned out one of its most intriguing leaks to date. An unverified tipster has claimed that Nintendo will drop the Switch name from its next console and the same source has also suggested the device will launch with a pretty killer lineup that includes a new Mario Kart game. 

Going by the name Jonathan Bark, this leaker has taken to social media to offer up some intriguing information. The biggest morsel is that the Switch 2 will actually be called the Nintendo Focus, and the source has also provided a logo for the device. 

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Considering the juggernaut success of the Nintendo Switch it seems unlikely that Nintendo will retire the moniker, but if there was ever a company to take such a bold step it would probably be the Big N. However, looking at past trends, Nintendo did stick with the Wii name across two hardware generations. The Japanese company followed up its popular motion-controls-based console with the under-performing Wii U. So dropping the Switch name would seem a very strange call. 

Bark claims that the name comes from the device’s “VR capabilities” which are not further explained. To date Nintendo has not entered the virtual reality arena with a product of its own, so we’d be surprised to see its next flagship device place VR at its center. However, Nintendo has a long track record of surprise moves, and perhaps this is just the latest one.  

The source has also provided information about the launch lineup for the Nintendo Focus. The console will reportedly come with a pack-in title called ReIno Ramen Warrior, this will be a 3D platformer with co-op elements. And another key launch title will be Mario Kart. The leaker doesn’t specify if this will be a new instalment in the popular racing franchise, or a port of a previous entry such as Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, which is itself a Switch port of the original Mario Kart 8 that launched on the Wii U in 2014. 

Other titles mentioned by the tipster include a new F-Zero game called F-Zero Titans, and Arms 2, a sequel to the Switch fighting game. The latter is apparently set to release in 2025. Bark also indicates that the Nintendo Focus will offer some form of backwards compatibility with Switch titles but there will be a transfer fee of $2.99 per game. This would represent a very different approach to backwards compatibility than the PS5 and Xbox Series X which offer the feature without cost.  

There’s potentially a lot of pretty intriguing information here, but it’s very important to note that everything discussed above should be considered purely speculative until further notice. The leaker in question has no track record of delivering accurate details. As it stands these rumors should be classified as unverified. Be sure to take all of this with a massive grain of salt as it may not be accurate. 

But even if the above rumors turn out to be ultimately false, there are plenty of other Nintendo Switch 2 leaks to consider. One of the most recent reports suggested that the console will cost $399 at launch, and several insiders have suggested that it will sport a larger 8-inch LCD display and increased internal storage. Most rumors tip the Switch's successor to launch sometime in 2024, so let’s hope Nintendo gives us some concrete details soon.  

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  • LionMajick
    Nintendo has entered the VR market before with the Virtual Boy. It was one of the first, if not the first, mass produced VR devices.
  • Malfor
    LionMajick said:
    Nintendo has entered the VR market before with the Virtual Boy. It was one of the first, if not the first, mass produced VR devices.
    I used to have a virtual boy back when they was out definitely wouldn't consider it VR Nintendo just called it that as a marketing ploy what it actually was is a headache machine