Nintendo Switch 2 just tipped for built-in camera — and it could be unveiled soon

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The latest Nintendo Switch 2 rumor claims that the currently unannounced console will include some form of camera, and there is also fresh reason to be hopeful that the device will be revealed in the near future. 

A poster going by the username Angie on the popular gaming forum ResetEra has claimed: “There is a new camera function with the Switch 2.” The same account also notes that it's “not sure if it's VR”, so the exact purpose of the camera appears to be undetermined. 

The same user has indicated this information comes by way of a “former Atlus insider” who leaked the existence of the upcoming Persona 3 Reloaded remake prior to its announcement. Nevertheless, this latest Switch 2 rumor should still be taken with a healthy dose of skepticism and should not be considered confirmation. 

While this is just a rumor for now, the Switch 2 packing some form of camera certainly seems plausible. Nintendo has dabbled with camera tech before on the Nintendo DSi and its successor the Nintendo 3DS. 

A previous tipster suggested that the Switch 2 will go big on VR and actually be called the Nintendo Focus"

These handhelds included front and back cameras and could be used not only for taking photos, but also in various augmented-reality games.  

The Switch 2 sporting some form of “camera function” could be a further indication that it will have some form of virtual reality capabilities. While this particular leaker hasn't been able to verify that possibility, a previous tipster suggested that the Switch 2 will go big on VR and actually be called the Nintendo Focus. But again, that is also an unsubstantiated claim for now. 

Nintendo Switch 2 reveal could be imminent  

It’s been another big week for Nintendo Switch 2 rumors, alongside the above tip-off about the potential inclusion of a camera, it’s also been suggested that select members of the press were given a first look at Nintendo’s next-gen hardware during the Gamescom 2023 tradeshow in Cologne, Germany. 

This Switch 2 showcase reportedly took place “behind closed doors” and would have almost certainly required attendees to agree to strict embargo conditions. So, don’t expect to see any first-hand reports on the console in the immediate future. However, assuming these online whispers are accurate, this is still a very promising update. 

If Nintendo has reached the point where it feels ready to show off its latest hardware project to people outside of Nintendo itself, that would suggest that a full reveal is potentially on the horizon. Historically, a behind-closed-doors briefing is usually followed by a public display just weeks or months later. 

We could get official word on the Nintendo Switch 2 before the end of the year"

This could be an indication that we’ll get official word on the Nintendo Switch 2 before the end of the year. Although, it’s far from a guarantee. 

For now, we’ll keep our ears to the ground and continue to bring you the latest Nintendo Switch 2 rumors as we uncover them. However, hopefully, it’s not too much longer before we have some concrete details to discuss.

Chasing rumors can be exciting, but with the console already tipped multiple times for a 2024 release date, it definitely feels like we’re nearing the point where Nintendo will want to start showing the public what it’s been cooking up. 

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