New Switch 2 leak teases huge performance boost — and possible launch title

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The rumors about Nintendo's successor to its best-selling Nintendo Switch console just keep pouring in. Some exciting new leaks this week teased that the Switch 2 (or whatever Nintendo ends up calling it) could sport Final Fantasy 7 Remake as a launch title, and the game runs just as well on the new hardware as it does on PlayStation 5.

Or at least, that was the case when tested on Switch 2 developer kits sent to Final Fantasy developer Square Enix, according to a Reddit post this week from I’m a Hero Too, who has accurately leaked video game industry news in the past. According to the leaker, the Switch 2 could be about as powerful as the PS5, or at a minimum it'll pack upgraded specs so that Final Fantasy 7 Remake "looks and runs" like a PS5 game. 

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Update September 6: A new report by research firm TechInsights predicts a Switch 2 release date as soon as March or April of 2024

Square Enix has already ported the game to the Switch 2 dev kit in a process that "took no time," they continued. This could point to Final Fantasy 7 Remake being a launch title for the Switch 2, though the leaker hedged that they're "not sure" whether this will pan out. 

Granted, it's worth noting that Final Fantasy VII Remake originally released in 2020 for the PS4. So that makes the comparison a little murkier. It's possible the Switch 2 specs will fall somewhere in between the PS4 and PS5 performance-wise. But of course, you should take all of this with a grain of salt, as Nintendo has yet to confirm it's working on a Nintendo Switch successor. 

Nintendo Switch 2's rumored camera and backwards compatibility

In the same Reddit post, I’m a Hero Too corroborated several other rumors we've heard regarding what to expect with the Switch 2, including that it will include a new camera function. While this is just speculation for now, the Switch 2 packing some form of camera certainly seems like it could be in the cards given Nintendo's history with camera tech on the Nintendo DSi and Nintendo 3DS. A previous tipster suggested that the Switch 2 will go big on VR, which points to at least one possible use for the new addition.

I’m a Hero Too also confirmed that backwards compatibility has been tested on a few games, which we've seen rumors go back and forth on so far. That would definitely be a selling point for Switch owners, as they wouldn't have to choose between upgrading and retaining access to their Switch library.

It's been hinted that select members of the press were given a first look at Nintendo’s next-gen hardware during the Gamescom 2023 tradeshow in Cologne, Germany. Assuming these online whispers are accurate, that likely means we're closing in on some kind of official announcement from Nintendo if it's reached a point where it feels ready to show off its latest project to people outside of Nintendo proper. The console's already been tipped multiple times for a 2024 release date, so we may not have long to week for Nintendo to share more about what to expect.

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