iPhone 15 Ultra titanium design may have just leaked

iPhone 15 Ultra render with rounded edges
(Image credit: @jonjuhan/Twitter)

Further evidence of the iPhone 15 Ultra's alleged titanium-clad sides seems to have emerged, teasing a stronger, lighter Apple smartphone. 

An image shared by Setsuna Digital and posted on Twitter by ShrimpApplePro claims to show an extreme close-up shot of the rumored super-powered iPhone's titanium frame. This isn't the first hint we've heard of a titanium iPhone 15, so it's exciting to see the rumor take another step toward potentially being true.

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Currently, regular iPhones like the iPhone 14 use aluminum side rails, while the more expensive models like the iPhone 14 Pro get stainless steel ones. While the steel rails feel premium already, titanium would take the potential Ultra-class iPhone to another level, and hopefully also make the phone lighter too.

Adding a titanium option for the iPhone wouldn't be unprecedented for Apple, since it already offers the Apple Watch Ultra exclusively in titanium. This is a quite expensive wearable though starting at $799 is about twice the price of the regular Apple Watch 8. If Apple did use titanium on the iPhone, we'd hope it wouldn't have such a big impact on its price compared to other models.

However, it's worth keeping in mind that rumors of a part-titanium iPhone have circulated for previous iPhone generations already. The rumors at least paint the picture that Apple's considering adding titanium to its phones, but we should be prepared for Apple deciding to hold off for another year.

There's more rumored for the iPhone 15 Ultra than just a luxurious build quality. This model, which could replace the Pro Max variant of the phone, may feature a periscope telephoto camera for more powerful zoom shots, dual front cameras and other big design updates like solid-state buttons and a curved back. It'll also apparently join the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro in getting USB-C ports, replacing Lightning after ten years of use on Apple's iPhones and iPads.

Whatever Apple has in store for the world with the next iPhone, we're still a long way off of seeing it. We'll keep you updated with the rumors as they emerge. But nothing will be certain until Apple's official event, likely in the second week of September as has now effectively become a tradition.

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