iPhone 15 Ultra could be the toughest Apple phone ever

iPhone 14 Pro - Space Black
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The rumored iPhone 15 Ultra could shun stainless steel for even tougher titanium around its edges, according to tech tipster LeaksApplePro.

We've heard rumors of an iPhone with titanium sides for some time, but they never came to fruition, with the likes of the iPhone 14 Pro Max sticking with stainless steel. However, if Apple makes an Ultra variant of the iPhone 15, much like the Apple Watch Ultra, then titanium could come into play. That's because titanium has all the strength of stainless steel at 40% of the weight.

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As such, if Apple does indeed make an iPhone 15 Ultra, potentially to replace the Pro Max model in the iPhone lineup, then we could get a large screened phone that's tough but also lighter than the somewhat hefty 8.47 oz 14 Pro Max. And given the strength of titanium, the iPhone 15 Ultra could survive a tumble better than the current largest iPhone.

This durability-led approach could come with a sting in its tail: titanium costs $35-$50 per kilo while stainless steel is just $1-$1.50 a kilo, meaning the iPhone 15 Ultra could come with a very hefty price tag. For reference the iPhone 14 Pro max starts at $1,099 / £1,199 / AU$1,899.

While there would be many who will pay whatever it takes to be on the cutting edge of tech, releasing the most expensive iPhone of all time, albeit potentially the toughest iPhone to date, could be a hard proposition to sell to Apple fans, especially with the cost of living soaring. 

LeaksApplePro tweeted earlier this year their belief that the iPhone 15 Ultra will “start at $1199 at best.”  So if this tough iPhone is released next year, don't expect it to be cheap. 

But with features like dual front cameras tipped, the iPhone 15 Ultra could find a way to justify its high price tag. Yet in the meantime, we've got around a year to wait before we see anew flagship iPhones, so check out our best iPhone 14 deals on the Apple smartphones you can buy today. 

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