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iPadOS Is Here: How to Download and Why I Love It

iPadOS Is Here
(Image credit: Apple)

Apple just finished the iPad's transition to its own operating system: iPadOS. Available for download now (details below), iPadOS amplifies the iPad's multitasking tools and makes its home screen more interesting than ever before.

My favorite new feature is how Safari is closer than ever to being the complete web browsing experience we need it to be. In fact, the iPad version of the browser is so good that I'm doing more and more of my actual work on it. 

Check out my full review of iPadOS at LaptopMag to learn more about why I love iPadOS.

How to download iPadOS

This one's pretty easy. After backing up (Settings > Profile (your user section) > iCloud > iCloud Backup), go back to the top section of Settings and tap General. Then tap Software Update. 

Here, you should see iPadOS. Tap download & install. Pop some popcorn and tuck in. You're gonna wait a bit, but get ready for the future of the iPad.