If this Apple Watch Ultra 2 rumor is true, count me out

A photo of the Apple Watch Ultra with the Ocean Loop band
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There’s a lot I love about the Apple Watch Ultra — its Action Button, its bright screen, and the emergency siren, which helps me feel safe when I’m running alone with just my unruly cocker spaniel for company. Yet the one downside to me was the size of the watch. While the 1.92-inch screen is undoubtedly bright and beautiful, on my wrists, the large bezel dug into my wrist bone, making the watch a little heavy and uncomfortable to wear 24/7. So as rumors drop that in 2024, Apple’s Ultra 2 will have a 2.1-inch display, I’m not excited. 

The leak comes from industry sources at Digitimes who expect a 2024 release date for the successor to one of the best smartwatches. This isn’t the first time we’ve heard rumors about a bigger, brighter screen, however — they started with speculation from industry analyst Jeff Pu earlier this year.

If this Apple Watch Ultra 2 rumor is true, count me out 

While some users will, undoubtedly, be thrilled at the bigger screen, for those of us with petite wrists, I’m wondering whether all that heft will be a turn-off. The rumors suggest that the screen will not only be bigger, but it’ll also be brighter, as Apple switches from an AMOLED screen to a micro-LED. I love how bright the screen is on my Apple Watch Ultra, especially when I’m running in low light, and have found when I swap back to my Garmin Fenix 7, it’s practically dull in comparison. 

That said, my Fenix 7 is, undoubtedly, more comfortable on my wrist. Change your wristband, I hear you cry, but I’ve been lucky enough to test all of the Apple Watch Ultra straps and while the Trail Loop is more comfortable on the run, it doesn’t stop the watch digging into my wrist when I try to sleep. I often find myself swapping back to my 41mm Apple Watch Series 8 on days when I don’t plan on run-commuting, or training on my lunch break, purely because it’s more comfortable when I'm sitting at my desk.

Apple Watch Ultra sleep tracking

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Perhaps I’m being unfair, however, as Apple made it very clear they designed this watch for adventure, not for hours sitting behind your desk. But I’d argue that if you’re spending $799/£849 on a watch, you want to wear it all the time. Maybe I have particularly small wrists, but I’m hoping if Apple does decide to supersize the Apple Watch Ultra, they also give users the option to choose a smaller watch too. 

Hey, if a girl is dreaming, perhaps they could make a smaller version of the Ultra as they do across the rest of the Apple Watch line. I love the look and feel of the Ultra, and truly believe it’s the best Apple Watch on the market, especially for athletes, but wish it was just a few millimeters smaller.  

Either way, we’ve probably got a year to wait to see if the rumors are indeed correct, so for now, I’ll keep dreaming my watch will magically shrink as it sits on my nightstand. 

Jane McGuire
Fitness editor

Jane McGuire is Tom's Guide's Fitness editor, which means she looks after everything fitness related - from running gear to yoga mats. An avid runner, Jane has tested and reviewed fitness products for the past five years, so knows what to look for when finding a good running watch or a pair of shorts with pockets big enough for your smartphone. When she's not pounding the pavements, you'll find Jane striding round the Surrey Hills, taking far too many photos of her puppy. 

  • P0H0
    Would it change your mind if was in the form factor of a bendable bracelet? It’s nice to think iPads can fold, but a bracelet seems to be a better use of the technology.
  • /guy
    turn the watch upside down so the digital crown is towards your body. until i found this trick i was about to trade mine in. also, that orange button is useless--what genius decided it couldn't be programmed to do the most useful thing in any given app. in fact, i can't even figure out how to use a shortcut to launch any given app. i disabled it immediately. /guy
  • skatrenah
    Thank you for this. I also have a very small wrist. I was actually searching to see if they were planning to make a smaller one. I just ordered the Series 8 to replace my 6. Besides being double the price I just couldn't talk myself into that larger size. I'm not an extreme sports person, but my watches so get a bit scratched up from my job. Was also annoyed that you can't get the 8 in titanium, which is to say that smaller wrists can't get the highest quality materials.