The Apple Watch Ultra 2 could have an ever bigger screen

Time to Run on Apple Watch Ultra
(Image credit: Future)

Apple could be preparing to make the already sizeable Apple Watch Ultra even bigger. The 1.9-inch screen could be upgraded to a 2.1-inch display with Micro-LED technology that could offer a much brighter screen. 

This leak comes from industry sources at Digitimes who expect a 2024 release date for the successor to one of the best smartwatches. This aligns with previous speculation from industry analyst Jeff Pu earlier this year.

In addition to the increased size and Micro-LED display, Pu also touted lower power consumption as another area the next generation watch will improve. The Ultra already has the best battery life of any Apple watch at around 36 hours but it has a long way to go to match the Garmin Epix 2, which can go for up to 6 days without charging. 

Talk of a Micro-LED screen is now building up momentum and could prove to be an exciting development. Tipped to expand to smartwatches, tablets, and TVs, micro-LEDs offer an even brighter picture than OLED displays as well as reduced power consumption.

Because Micro-LED panels do not decay like OLEDs, any device fitted with them should stay bright even after years of use. The rumored micro-LED display on the 2024 Apple Watch Ultra would also be much sleeker than an OLED one and it could almost appear painted onto the watch’s body. Of course, such a display would also be a costly one to make. 

Do we need a bigger Apple Watch Ultra 2?

As a device designed mainly to be checked quickly and infrequently but worn for long periods, it could be argued that a larger screen ton the Apple Wach Ultra 2 would be unwelcome.

Certainly, those with smaller wrists are already struggling with the growing size and weight of smart watches, especially when the Apple Watch Ultra is designed for active use. Then again, a bigger display is easier to check mid-run or swim. 

Our bet is that Apple will keep the current model around alongside the Apple Watch Ultra 2 so shoppers can decide which is the right size for them. 

Andy Sansom
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