Google's working on an Apple Continuity rival for Android

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Google appears to be working on a new Link Your Devices feature, which would enable Android phones, tablets and other devices to work together in the same vein as Apple's Continuity feature.

As uncovered by Nail Sadykov and shared by Mishaal Rahman on Twitter this week, a new Link Your Devices menu has been spotted within Android. The feature isn't live yet, but an apparent settings menu Rahman shared gives us a clue as to what could be to come. Android users may soon get the option to link multiple devices that share the same Google account, allowing them to communicate with each other. 

"When you link this device and turn on Bluetooth, others may be able to see your device name and some other device information," the menu reads. "Apps can show you ways to share across devices."

The menu lists a Call Switching feature, which likely would let users jump between connected devices during calls. Rahman added there will also be an Internet Sharing option, which could enable users to launch a personal hotspot across linked devices.

Once live, Link Your Devices can be toggled on or off in the device settings just by going to Settings → Google → Devices & sharing, Rahman said. 

Cross-device features on mobile operating systems aren't a new idea, as Apple, Samsung, OnePlus and other manufacturers have built the ability into their own devices. Apple's Connectivity feature has long allowed users to launch a hotspot or move a phone call across the best iPhones and iPads.

But until now, Android has been seriously lacking on that front. That appears to be changing though. Soon, you could be able to jump from your Pixel Fold to your Pixel Tablet or even one of the best Chromebooks in a snap. 

A potential release date remains unclear, and we won't know the full functionality until Google officially announces it. But if it's truly in the works, then this could be a useful option for folks who need to carry more than one of the best Android phones or frequently find themselves hopping from device to device. More importantly, it would make Android more competitive with Apple, as one of the biggest pulls of the Apple ecosystem is how integrated features are across devices. 

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