Android 14 release looks imminent now the Android 14 beta 5 update is here

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We don’t have a firm release date for the first stable version of Android 14 just yet, but according to Google the launch of the new software is just “weeks ahead.” Considering Android 13 arrived on August 15 last year, the big day may be even closer than that. But there’s still time for Google to release a new version of the Android 14 beta, with beta 5 now rolling out to enrolled devices.

Given our close proximity to the wider release of Android 14, this update isn’t offering a bunch of shiny new features for you to try. We’re well into the “Platform Stability” phase of Android 14’s development, and that means Google should be polishing off all the smaller issues rather than potentially adding new ones. 

The update’s release notes are filled to the brim with various bug fixes that had affected previous versions of the beta. Google also notes that this release is a signal for app developers that they should be publishing updates to prevent any compatibility issues that may occur when the final version of Android 14 is released later this year. 

In fact, Google’s blog post says it’s developers’ last chance to make sure their apps are ready. That suggests we shouldn't be expecting any more beta updates before the release of Android 14 proper.

That doesn’t really affect you as a regular Android user, though it does help to know Google is prepping everything to ensure the software is ready to go on whatever day it’s actually going to start rolling out.

Some of the bug fixes include stopping Wi-Fi scanning from using too much battery, making sure the fingerprint scanner doesn’t refuse to appear whenever it should, ensuring the launcher fully renders after startup, preventing the theme from changing from yellow to pink and more.  

The Pixel Fold and Pixel Tablet, which were only added to the beta with the release of Android 14 beta 4, have also had a bunch of exclusive bug fixes, including a fix for a serious issue that caused the Fold to lose antenna ranging sensor information without being able to recover it. Similarly beta 5 should also fix an issue the Pixel Tablet had, which caused the screen to turn off when docked.

You can read a full list of bug fixes in Google’s Android 14 beta 5 release notes if you’re interested to see what’s changed. If you’re more interested in what the stable release of Android’s software will involve, be sure to check out our Android 14 hub for the full rundown of what you should expect.

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