Apple Watch 8 colors — our predications based on the rumors

Apple Watch 7 design
The Apple Watch 7 color selection (Image credit: Apple)

Curious about the Apple Watch 8 color selection? Aren't we all. Style is a central element of the Apple Watch, so the colors Apple's watch comes in are arguably as important as any other Series 8 feature revealed during the upcoming Apple event.

While we heard a previous rumor from ShrimpApplePro that the Apple Watch Series 8 would arrive in Midnight, Silver, Starlight and Product Red, a new rumor from the same tipster tells us to expect a change from the Product Red we saw on the Apple Watch 7. 

In a tweet rounding up new Apple Watch 8 rumors, the tipster said, "The red of (PRODUCT) RED is a new shade of red." 

Calling the red a "new shade of red" is extremely vague, not really telling us much other than that the Apple Watch 8 vs. Apple Watch 7 in red might look different. Emphasis on might.

It could mean the Apple Watch 8 in Product Red is a darker, deeper red. Perhaps it's something like a maroon or mahogany, or nearly brown. Alternatively, this new shade could look lighter, and even skew a bit pink in a blush or coral hue. We're thinking of a color the same shade as the Pink AirPods Max. But it's also possible that shade of red on the Apple Watch 8 doesn't change noticeably at all, and for a good reason. 

Apple Watch 8 colors — what to expect

Though Apple did slightly soften the vibrancy of the red option for the Apple Watch 7 from the Apple Watch 6 (which was the first Apple Watch to come in Product Red) the crimson shade is rather meaningful. It's the color of The Global Fund's charitable PRODUCT(RED) initiative in which brands contribute portions of sales to HIV and AIDS awareness. Apple has participated since 2006, when it launched a limited-edition iPod Nano.

That's to say we're skeptical of a significant change to Product Red, even if Apple brands it as a "new red" and there's some nuanced sheen or finesse to the watch. 

Otherwise, the Apple Watch color selection is reportedly slimming down this year, with Blue and Green leaving the lineup for Aluminum models. Instead, we'll reportedly see more neutral options in Midnight, Starlight and Silver, along with Product Red.

We liked the Green shade when we tested it, especially how it looked with the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro Max in green. But as the Apple Watch is a device on you most of the day (and night, if you wear it for sleep tracking), so it's realistic to want it in a shade that adapts to your appearance. That's what we like about Starlight — it somehow goes with both silver and gold jewelry, meaning we can match it to our other accessories daily. If you ask us, Starlight was the best Apple Watch color of last year, but who knows whether that'll change for Series 8.

Meanwhile, the Apple Watch 8 may also come in a Stainless Steel version, offered in Silver, Graphite or Gold. The Stainless Steel material is a bit more premium, and therefore, it will have a higher Apple Watch 8 price.

Apple Watch 8 Pro and Apple Watch SE 2 colors

If it's announced, the Apple Watch 8 Pro could come in multiple color options, too. The differences between the Apple Watch 8 Pro vs. Apple Watch 8 could be design, battery life and price, as well as color choices.

The Apple Watch 8 Pro is believed to feature a Titanium case, suggesting the color options might be basic metallic hues such as Silver and Graphite. These would hopefully lend to a premium look and feel to justify the rumored $999 price tag.

And we must mention the Apple Watch SE 2, which could be the third Apple Watch device announced in September. As a reminder, the original Apple Watch SE came in Silver, Gold and Space Gray. The Apple Watch SE 2 vs. Apple Watch SE colors could be different, depending on whether the Apple Watch SE 2 borrows a case from a previous Apple Watch model.

Again, we expect the Apple Watch 8 colors, Apple Watch 8 Pro colors and Apple Watch SE 2 colors to be announced at the Apple event on September 7. 

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