Apple Watch 7: Read this before you preorder

Apple Watch 7
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Pre-orders for the Apple Watch 7 are live as of Friday, October 8. As it does for most of its new devices, Apple is letting customers purchase the next-generation smartwatch before the official October 15 release date.

If you're set on owning Apple's latest wearable offering, our guide on how to preorder the Apple Watch 7 covers the basics — when to flock to Apple's website, what Apple Watch 7 colors and Apple Watch 7 sizes you have to choose from, and more.

That's not to say I recommend buying the new smartwatch outright. In fact, even if you feel a sense of pressure surrounding supply chain shortages and limited availability, you might want to wait.

For starters, by this Friday you probably won't have access to enough (if any) anecdotal Apple Watch 7 reviews. At Tom's Guide we strive to provide you, our readers, with informed shopping advice based on hours of expert product testing. We devise a list of pros and cons, and rate a given device in context of comparable alternatives. 

If you're someone who likes to read (or in the case of our YouTube channel and TikTok account, watch) such reviews, I'd advise against preordering the Apple Watch 7. Even if you're the tiniest bit concerned about the smartwatch's build quality, features or daily performance, you'll find peace of mind hearing what the early users think. The last thing you want from an every day-use device is buyer's remorse, after all.

That's not say I suspect the Apple Watch 7 will have problems. On the contrary, I'm sure the launch delays had to do with getting the smartwatch's curvier chassis and larger displays right, if not perfect. Still, it could be wise to wait to hear how the design changes ultimately panned out.

Whether the promised changes deliver might impact whether you should buy Apple Watch 7 to replace your current Apple Watch, too. Those with older models are probably due for an upgrade, but those with the Series 4 or newer can learn if the Apple Watch 7 the best Apple Watch for them by waiting for reviews.

To that point, if you've already decided you're getting the Apple Watch 7, I will not stand in your way. Better yet, I'll point you to my tips on how to trade in your Apple Watch, so you can see about putting the value from your existing watch towards your new one.

I'll also remind you to set an alarm for a few minutes before 8 a.m. ET/5 a.m. PT on October 8. I do think the Apple Watch 7 availability will frustrate some shoppers, especially as we near Black Friday deals season. Knowing you can't get something you want when you want it naturally induces anxiety. If this sounds like you, preorder your heart out.

But if you can tap into a little patience, not only might you score the Apple Watch 7 for less in coming week with Apple Watch Black Friday deals — you could get detailed comparisons about the Apple Watch 7 vs. Apple Watch SE, Apple Watch 7 vs. Apple Watch 6 and other first-hand insights as to whether it's the best smartwatch for you to buy.

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