Apple AR/VR headset launch looks confirmed for June 5 (report)

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Apple oracle Mark Gurman is confident that the rumored Apple VR/AR headset will be unveiled to the world at WWDC 2023

Writing for Bloomberg Gurman is bullish about the June arrival of the so-called Apple Reality Pro headset. He writes that “Apple Inc. has chosen June 5, 2023, as one of the most important days in its history.” and describes the launch of the headset as “the beginning of a post-iPhone era.“ So no pressure on Apple. 

Gurman believes that in addition to the Apple headset itself, WWDC will also bring a look at the device’s xrOS operating system, accessories, and “any accompanying services, and — perhaps most critically — a software development kit and platform that will let developers write new types of apps.” 

Away from the headset, Gurman is also expecting to see WWDC 2023 bring several new Macs as well as first looks at iOS 17 and macOS 14.

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo doesn't necessarily agree with Gurman’s opinion of when we could see the Apple headset, citing a delay in mass production of the device and a lack of confidence in the economy creating “uncertainty to whether the new device will appear at WWDC 2023.”  

Is now the right time for the Apple headset?

Considering Meta’s struggles to make the Metaverse worthwhile, the failure of Google Glass and even PSVR 2’s underwhelming sales, Apple’s decision to hitch itself to the mixed reality wagon has raised eyebrows, even among its own employees.

Some reports have also claimed that Cupertino’s insistence the headset is released this year is faster than designers want. The designers have reportedly argued that the so-called Reality Pro headset is too heavy and just not quite ready for the masses. We've also heard that the headset will require an external battery pack.

There's also concerns around the rumored $3,000 launch price for the Apple headset. Yes, developers and some early adopters will likely jump on the bandwagon, but it could be a very tough sell in a challenging economy. 

If the release of its headset is going to be Apple’s next “iPhone moment” it will need to get the initial reveal just right. Stay tuned to our Apple VR/AR headset hub and our WWDC 2023 hub for all the latest rumors and leaks. 

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