This handy Chrome trick lets you capture full page screenshots

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Learning how to screenshot a full page in Chrome can come in extremely handy. If you need to screenshot an entire page that a very long page which doesn't all fit on your screen, you don't want to be scrolling down and capturing numerous screens — this is cumbersome and can lead to you missing chunks or capturing bits of the screen twice. It's presumably for this exact reason that Apple let you screenshot a full page in Safari on iPhone and iPad.

Thankfully, Google Chrome has a method for taking a screenshot of an entire page all in one go. It isn't obvious, though, as it requires going through the inspect panel and using a Developer Tools command. However, that's not to say it's complicated, and this guide is here to show you how to do it.

Here's how to screenshot a full page in Chrome using Dev Tools

How to screenshot a full page in Chrome using Developer Tools

Note: this guide is only for the Google Chrome desktop application.

1. Open the Inspect Window

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On a webpage in Chrome, press Shift + Ctrl + C (PC) / Shift + Cmd + C (Mac) to open the inspect window.

2. Open the Dev Tools command line

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Press Shift + Ctrl + P (PC) / Shift + Cmd + P (Mac) to open the Developer Tools command line.

3. Use the Capture full size Screenshot command

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Type "screenshot" and click Capture full size screenshot.

4. Go to your Downloads folder

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Your screenshot will now be downloaded. Go to your Downloads folder to find your screenshot.

And as you can see, it'll have captured the full page...

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