How to download YouTube videos in Chrome

how to download YouTube videos in Chrome
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Knowing how to download YouTube videos in Chrome saves you from having to install a separate desktop program to grab copyright-free videos and those you have permission to download for personal use. 

For example, if you're a content creator, there's a YouTube channel called "Video library - No copyright Footage" that offers copyright-free videos, for free. To check a video's license type, click the "Show More" button in its description and look for License to see if reuse is allowed.

The problem is that Google doesn’t allow YouTube downloaders in the Chrome Web Store. There are lots of Chrome extensions for downloading videos from other sites, such as Vimeo, but they don’t work on YouTube.

You can download videos on your mobile device by subscribing to YouTube Premium. And we've previously explained how to download YouTube videos on iOS, Android, Mac and PC. But in Chrome and other browsers, you’re restricted to watching them on the website, even if they're licensed for reuse. Or are you?

There is a workaround that lets you download copyright-free YouTube videos in Chrome, using the popular script manager Tampermonkey. This extension lets you install thousands of user-created scripts that perform lots of useful web tasks.

One of these scripts, called Local YouTube Downloader, can (as its name suggests) download YouTube videos in Chrome, without redirecting you to another site. It also works in Edge and Firefox, if you install Tampermonkey in those browsers.

Here we’ll explain how to use Tampermonkey to download YouTube videos in Chrome. After that, we'll explain how to properly use a website that offers similar features. But first, we'll look at the legal side of downloading to ensure you don't land yourself in trouble. 

YouTube states in its Terms of Service that you’re not allowed to download any content, unless “specifically permitted by the Service,” or have prior written permission from YouTube or the respective rights holder. 

You can download videos through the YouTube app for Android and iOS by paying $11.99 per month for YouTube Premium, but to prevent piracy and copyright infringement, this option isn’t offered on the YouTube website.

Video downloaders aren’t illegal, but making copies of copyrighted content is. At the very least, your YouTube account could be terminated if you repeatedly violate the site's terms of service, and you may even face legal action. 

However, there’s lots of content on YouTube that is permissible to download, such as public domain videos that aren't copyrighted, clips covered by a Creative Commons license, and homemade videos that friends and family have shared with you (and have permitted you to download). 

Make sure you’re sensible about what you download, and definitely don’t redistribute videos from YouTube without permission.

How to download YouTube videos in Chrome: Install Local YouTube Downloader 

Although you won’t find YouTube video downloaders in the Chrome Web Store, you will find the Tampermonkey extension, which lets you install Local YouTube Downloader. Here’s how to set it up. 

1. Open the Chrome Web Store and search for “TamperMonkey” or go straight to the Tampermonkey Chrome extension page. Click "Add to Chrome" in the top-right corner.

how to download YouTube videos in Chrome - chrome webstore

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2. Click "Add extension" to install Tampermonkey. For easy access, you can pin the add-on to Chrome’s toolbar. Click the Extensions button (the one that looks like a jigsaw piece) and select the ‘“Pin” option next to Tampermonkey.

how to download YouTube videos in Chrome - pin extension

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3. The Tampermonkey website will open in a new tab and tell you the extension has been successfully installed.  

You should now head to a userscripts site called Greasy Fork, where you’ll find the Local YouTube Downloader script. Click the “Install this script” button

how to download YouTube videos in Chrome - greasyfork

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4. This will take you to Local YouTube Downloader’s page on the Tampermonkey website. Click the Install button here to add the script to Tampermonkey

how to download YouTube videos in Chrome - install script

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5. To check that the script installed correctly, click the Tampermonkey extension button and choose Dashboard. Here you should see Local YouTube Downloader listed as “Enabled." 

how to download YouTube videos in Chrome - dashboard

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How to download YouTube videos in Chrome: Download a YouTube video 

Now that you’ve installed Local YouTube Downloader, it’s time to put it to the test with an uncopyrighted video, or one you have permission to download. 

Here’s how to use the script to download videos from YouTube directly in Chrome, or by using Tampermonkey in another browser.  

1. Visit the YouTube website in Chrome and find a video that's free of copyright or which you have permission to download. 

You can filter your search results to show only videos with a Creative Commons license. Click the Filters button at the top of the page and choose Creative Commons.

Click to play the video as usual. 

how to download YouTube videos in Chrome - creative commons

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2. If you have an ad blocker installed, you’ll be prompted to copy a new “rule” to it, so the Local YouTube Downloader script can work. If you don’t know how to do this - or can’t be bothered - just disable your ad blocker instead. 

how to download YouTube videos in Chrome - copy rule

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3. Once your ad blocker, or lack of ad blocker, allows the script to run, you should see a new option below the YouTube video player labelled “Download high resolution MP4 in one click.”

Click this and Local YouTube Downloader will convert the video to a hi-res MP4 file, and let you download it to your PC or Mac. Note that the script may not work on videos of more than 1080p resolution. 

how to download YouTube videos in Chrome - download mp4

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4. To save the video at a different resolution and in a different format, click Show/Hide Links. This will open a range of download options, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. 

how to download YouTube videos in Chrome - show links

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5. Click one of the Stream options on the left (we found those on the right didn’t capture audio) and the adjusted video player will open in a new Chrome tab. 

Right-click the video and choose "Save video as" to download it to your computer. 

how to download YouTube videos in Chrome - save video

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How to download YouTube videos in Chrome: Use a YouTube downloader website (carefully)

What if, say, the above all sounds too complicated? Well, then, there's the wide and wild world of websites you can open in Chrome that let you download from YouTube. 

Notorious for being filled with pop-ups, these sites can still let you download a YouTube video in Chrome. And if you're smart about how you use them, clicking your cursor like Indiana Jones avoiding traps, you should be OK.

The site we've tested today is Unfortunately, you may have to deal with a pop-up overlay menu. This doesn't always happen. Click the Close button, then close the new window that just popped up. 

1. Paste the address of the YouTube video in question into the URL field 

An arrow points at the URL field for downloading YouTube videos from

(Image credit:

2. Hover your cursor over Start until the color changes (it may go 'dark' as seen here), and click Start. This is how you avoid a pop-up. Try scrolling up and down or closing a pop-over if your cursor doesn't change the button's color.

An arrow highlights the selected Start button in the process of downloading youtube videos from

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3. If 720p isn't high-res enough, you'll want to click this menu. If it is good enough, click Get link to get to downloading!

A box highlights the Quality menu in the process of downloading youtube videos from

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4. Select a video quality option, here, I'm going with 1080p. 

A box highlights the 1080p quality option for downloading YouTube videos from

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5. Click Get link.

A box highlights the get link button when downloading YouTube videos from

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6. Click Download.

A box highlights the Download button for Downloading YouTube videos from

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Your video will download!

the finished downloading box after completely downloading a YouTube video in Chrome

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How to download YouTube videos in Chrome: Pay for the best YouTube downloader

Or, you could spend a little now, and save a lot of time and effort. We love Downie, the easiest and safest YouTube Downloader. It even has a Chrome extension. The only problem is that it costs $19.99.

The Downie extension in Chrome is highlighted with an arrow.

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If you'd like more Chrome tutorials, make sure you check out how to block ads on Chrome, how to install Chrome extensions, how to block a website on Chrome and how to set Chrome flags. For more YouTube tutorials, read how to upload and publish a video on YouTube, how to edit videos on YouTube and how to use YouTube picture-in-picture mode.

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    Hi, I followed your instructions to the letter. The Greasy Fork script opened after I hit play on the video, but the Video and Audio don't seem to be downloading. (see image - now stuck like this for 10 minutes). (p.s. I have two different browsers open at the same time - the screen on the right is the Firefox browser (your instructions), and the screen on the left is the Chrome browser that I used to download TamperMonkey and Greasy Fork. Thanks for any help with this. (Windows 10 computer - should have plenty of hard disk space).
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    Updated: After 10 minutes, it started downloading, but the download rate says 17.43kB/s and it appears to be stuck again. Tested my internet download speed and it's currently over 200MB/s. Video is about 1% downloaded, Audio is about 15% downloaded...but not moving.
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    Okay. Seems to have downloaded after crashing Windows, restarting, restoring Chrome tabs, and now waiting a really long time for "Merging video, please wait..."
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    Oh great. I googled "Merging Video, please wait"...found a link to a Greasy Fork user forum in Chinese and when I clicked on translate, seems that 95% of YouTube videos using Greasy Fork get stuck at this stage. What a waste of time. Please check the details and test widely.
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    I deleted the image because it had personal information on it....trying YTD Video Downloader now.