How to change Quick Settings on Android 12

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Changing the Quick Settings in Android 12 is super simple. The new version is available for Pixels with more phones coming soon. Among all of the changes was a visual update to the Quick Settings tiles. These are the options that sit above the notification shade and expand out when you pull them down.

This works on most Android phones so you can apply this to your Galaxy, OnePlus, or Motorola device. Just know that you're not stuck with the default options, like G Pay or Google Home controls.

This process involves a couple of steps, so here's how to change your Quick Settings on Android.

How to change Quick Settings in Android 12

1. Pull down your notification shade, then pull down again to expand the Quick Settings.

2. Tap the pencil icon below the tiles.

how to change quick settings on android 12

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3. Hold and drag to rearrange or remove items in the list. Or, you can drag up other options, which will vary depending on what apps you have installed.

To remove tiles from the list, drag them the bottom of the screen. Conversely, to add tiles, find the one you want and drag it up to the top.

how to change quick settings on android 12

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    admin said:
    Changing the Quick Settings toggles is easy, so here's how to do that.

    How to change Quick Settings on Android 12 : Read more
    Thanks so much bro! I hate (am I aloud to use that word? ) the new layout of quick settings and you have to pull down MULTIPLE times to adjust screen brightness which is something I do AT LEAST twice a day. Now it takes 2 pulls just to get there!
    Android 12 has evolved into something that is so overly complex and user UN friendly in Soo many ways.
    I have given up on them ever fixing the permissions for apps back to the ease of use of android 3.
    I have mp3s on my phones. I can see them in one app, but not access with a player app. (blackplayer) Really?? Useless!
    They have a pop-up that has little explanation, (previously no explanation at all). Tells you, click on a directory in the next window to open permissions for the app. You do it... Still no permission on subdirectory or whatever. My music is contained in a directory with sometimes 3 to 6 levels of music subcategories underneath. Apparently Android just can't handle that. It's just hopeless.