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How To Turn Off Google Assistant

So you’ve got yourself a nice Android phone, but you’ve just about had it with that Google Assistant that keeps popping up. Fear not: There’s an easy way to turn it off.

Credit: Google

(Image credit: Google)

Here are step-by-step instructions for how to turn off Google Assistant.

How to turn Google Assistant off on Android Phones:

  1. Long-press the Home button on your phone to summon Google Assistant.

How to turn Google Assistant off on Google Home Speakers:

Credit: Google

(Image credit: Google)

You can’t turn Google Assistant off on a Google Home speaker, but you can mute the microphone so that Google isn’t listening to you. Press the microphone button on your speaker to turn it on and off.

You’ll find this button on the back of a Google Home, Google Home Hub or Google Home Max, and next to the power cord on a Google Home Mini.

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