Google Has an App to Turn You Into an Android

Andy the Android is the iconic mascot for the mobile operating system. It's pretty remarkable when you consider that a piece of utilitarian software can have a mascot – but it happened with Google's phone OS.

Now there's an Android app for you to make yourself an android too. It's essentially like making a Nintendo Wii-style Mii, but with Android design cues. Only time will tell if they'll catch on the same way.

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  • rutoojinn
    Great first the Mii then the Xbox avatar and now You Android. Personally I do not care but it is still a nice option to have.
  • Griffolion
    One word: awesome.
  • THEfog101
    i think its great! Nice to see Google is doing more than pumping out fart apps and Icons that look like they were manufactured by Matel........unlike some others.