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Vuzix Waveguide Lens Puts Augmented Reality Directly Into Your Glasses

In the future, augmented reality could come built directly into your prescription frames. At this year’s CES, Vuzix showed off its new Waveguide lens for wearable displays that’s capable of projecting full-color images over your surroundings.

Vuzix unveiled its Waveguide lens in early December, but this is the first time it’s being shown. The company collaborated with Nokia to create the augmented reality lens, which Vuzix currently uses in its V2000AR glasses intended for the workplace. We may not have to wait too long until we see this hit the consumer market, as Vuzix says it could be featured in a commercial retail unit this summer.

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The Waveguide lens projects 720p color images in front of its user. By the time this lens lands in consumer-ready wearable devices, we’re told this is likely to bump up to 1080p. When peering through the lens, we saw colorful, vibrant projections on a poster in front of us. As we moved our head, we saw different images pop up on different areas of the poster.

The augmented reality overlay only takes up a small portion of the lens, so the virtual images would only hover in the corner of your eye. This keeps the augmented reality from being too distracting, although from our short hands-on session we could tell the display area looked larger than that of Google Glass. It's unclear exactly how affordable a device with Waveguide technology would be for the consumer market, but we're looking forward to seeing how it fits into commercially available headsets.