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Killer Deal: Save $500 on Roku TV Now

Here's something you probably didn't know: May 13 is the start of National Streaming Week. As a result, retailers are celebrating with week-long price cuts on some of the best streaming devices and Smart TVs you can buy.

Roku TVs in particular are seeing price cuts that range from $270 to a whopping $500 off. Noteworthy deals include: 

Not to be outdone, Amazon is taking $40 to $100 off various sizes of our favorite Amazon Fire TV

Roku Streaming Devices On Sale

Roku's award-winning streaming devices are also on sale. While these deals/prices are not uncommon (especially on major holidays), they're still solid deals if you're looking to upgrade an older TV. The Roku devices on sale include:

If you're strapped for cash — or upgrading an older TV — it's hard to beat the Roku Streaming Stick. Normally priced at $49, it's currently on sale for $39. The Roku Streaming Stick is a 1080p streamer, and unlike Amazon's Fire TV Stick (which isn't on sale), it doesn't give preferential treatment to any channels or content. (Amazon's Stick tends to showcase Amazon content above others).  

National Streaming Day lasts all week, so check back for more deals as the week progresses.