11 Tips for Efficient Social Networking

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  • acerace
    Inb4 haters.
  • zozzlhandler
    I think Google+ is much better than the other social networks, especially in content and control.
  • virtualban
    Glancing at this article I feel like Homer Simpson when throwing in the recycle bin the "Advanced Marketing", then "Basic Marketing", then "Marketing for Dummies" and going for the dictionary, Mar-ket-ing
    Because, seriously, unless it is for marketing purposes and actual job, then, why worry to be efficient at social networking? Isn't that supposed to be fun and enjoyable? Why turn it into yet another 'something to do'? Do we feel so insecure of ourselves to need to keep the public image high on every circle we enter?
  • virtualban
    p.s. like Homer because feeling like all I thought knew about this social networking does not apply anymore. But then, why should it matter what I thought I knew :P