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iPhone 11R Leak Reveals Key Upgrade

Android phone makers are stuffing 4,000 mAh battery packs into their flagship phones, but Apple has never played that game. The iPhone 11R’s battery might improve upon the XR’s performance, though, with a larger 3,110 mAh pack.

The iPhone XR sports a 2,942 mAh battery, at least according to information from teardowns. So the 11R’s 5.7% size bump wouldn’t be a huge jump. But the XR also blows away every other iPhone on the Tom’s Guide Battery Test, continuous web-surfing over LTE, lasting 11 hours and 26 minutes. This makes the iPhone XR one of the longest-lasting phones.

Last year’s flagships, the pricier iPhone XS and XS Max, lasted 9:41 and 10:38, respectively.

A bigger battery doesn’t guarantee longer battery life, as it also depends on how the phone maker has optimized the device’s performance. But the iPhone 11R will almost definitely feature Apple’s next-gen A13 processor, which will likely push its battery life past the XR’s impressive showing.

Noted Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has said that this year’s iPhones will have larger batteries to support a bi-directional charging feature for reverse wirelessly charging other iPhones. (That's something the Galaxy S10 lineup offers.) Kuo also said that the 11R — or whatever Apple names its lower-priced iPhone — won’t see a big battery bump. But 5.7% isn’t a huge increase, so this new report could be on the money.

The report originated with a Korean news site, The Elec, which doesn’t have a solid Apple rumor track record. But if the 11R does have a larger battery, it might just be the longest-lasting iPhone of all time.

Credit: OnLeaks/Pricebaba

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