Tested: Fast Charge Your iPhone 8 or iPhone X for Half the Cost

Apple charges a whopping $49 for its 29-watt power adapter if you want to charge up your iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus (and soon, the iPhone X) in a hurry. But we found a very good alternative that costs less than half as much.

On our tests, the $23.99 ZMLM USB Type C wall charger outperformed four other third-party adapters, taking 32 minutes and 25 seconds to bring the iPhone 8 Plus to 50 percent on its battery life meter. That's about 4 minutes behind Apple's own 29-watt adapter, which did the job in a brisk 28 minutes. The ZMLM charger also comes with an LED light, so you know that it's working.

Charge Time Results

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ChargerPriceTime to 50 Percent (min:sec)
Apple 29W USB-C Power Adapter$49 Wal-Mart28:00
ZMLM USB Type-C Wall Charger$23.99 Amazon32:25
Mackertop PD Type-C Wall Charger$6.99 Amazon Marketplace34:03
Runpower Replacement USB-C 29W$46.99 Amazon Marketplace35:06
Belker 29W MacBook Charger$27.9 Amazon Marketplace43:20

The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are the first iPhones to offer Qi wireless charging, but if you want to really juice Apple's flagships up in a hurry, you'll want to go the fast, wired charging route.

All of the third-party adapters we tested come with USB-C to USB-C cables, so to charge the iPhone 8 Plus we used Apple's own 1-meter, USB-C to Lightning cable ($35).

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The next-best performer was the Mackertop PD Type-C wall charger, which took 34:03 to bring the iPhone 8 Plus to 50 percent capacity. This adapter costs an even cheaper $15.99, which is great, if you don't mind a 6-minute delta versus Apple's own charger. The Mackertop has a fairly low Amazon user rating of 3 out of 5 stars, but most of the complaints have to do with it not working well with an iPad Pro.

There's really no reason to buy the Runpower Replacement USB-C 29W power adapter. It finished 7 minutes behind Apple's charger, but it costs about the same, at $47.99.

Bringing up the rear was the Belker 29W MacBook charger, which can also be used to fast charge the latest iPhones. This adapter took more than 43 minutes to get our iPhone 8 Plus to 50 percent. The price is decent, at $27.90, but the performance is not.

Credit: Shaun Lucas/Tom's Guide

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