Best iPhone X and iPhone 8 Cyber Monday Deals

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Updated Nov. 26 at 3:27 p.m. ET: We've added new Cyber Monday deals from Sprint and Verizon on the iPhone X.

The iPhone X and iPhone 8 may not be Apple's flagship phones any more now that the iPhone XS, XS Max and XR have arrived. However, they're still reliable and provide excellent performance. Even better, you can find additional savings on these now-discounted phones during Cyber Monday.

At Verizon, for example, you can upgrade to an iPhone X and save $100 when you trade-in an eligible device. You'll need to buy the iPhone under an installment plan, and the savings come as monthly bill credits spread out over 24 months. If you're a new Verizon customer or you open a new line of service with the carrier, you can save $300 on the iPhone X, though once again, you'll need to trade-in an eligible phone to qualify.

Currently, Apple is giving $50 Apple Store gift card to anyone who buys the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. (This deal excludes the iPhone X, since Apple has dropped that phone from its store). Apple's gift card offer, which also includes the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, runs through today (Nov. 26).

Target is bundling up to a $250 Target gift with the purchase and activation of select iPhones. That deal ends Dec. 26.

Best Buy is also taking from $100 to $200 off iPhone X purchases made with Verizon ($100 off) and Sprint ($200 off): those savings are spread out over 24 months. Best Buy sells an AT&T-locked version of the iPhone X, but there's no discount off AT&T's price of $30-a-month for 30 months.

Meanwhile, Amazon and Apple have reached an agreement that will allow Cupertino to sell more of its devices on Amazon. The list of products includes iPhones such as the iPhone XR and iPhone XS. Although the iPhone X and iPhone 8 weren't mentioned by name, having one more retailer selling Apple iPhones could usher in better deals. Although keep in mind that the report didn't address if Amazon will be able to offer discounts on the new products.

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In you're looking for deals now, Apple has marked down the price of its previous-gen iPhones and even though it ceased production of its iPhone X (at least for now), carriers are selling their remaining inventory for as low as $899.99.

Many carriers also have dedicated trade-in sites where you can appraise the value of your current iPhone and potentially lower the price of your new purchase even further. 

So what can you expect to pay for Apple's previous-gen handhelds? We're rounding up the best iPhone X and iPhone 8 deals from all major U.S. carriers and retailers.     


Sprint lets you lease phones for 18 months, and after 12 months, you're eligible to upgrade to a new model. In the case of the iPhone X, that monthly lease payment is currently listed as $18.75, a significant discount from the usual monthly rate of $37.50.

Under a current deal, you can get an iPhone XR for free when you lease an iPhone X (or indeed, any other new iPhone), though you'll have to open at least new line with Sprint and "free" comes in the form of monthly bill credits.

Meanwhile, the iPhone 8 is selling for $25/month and the iPhone 8 Plus for $29.17 via Sprint Flex. You can get a second iPhone 8 for free when you lease either device and open a new line of service with Sprint.


The iPhone X will cost you $37.49 a month for 24 months at Verizon — a total of $899. Under a Cyber Monday promotion, you can save $300 on the phone when you open a new line of service and trade-in an eligible device. Existing customers who just want to upgrade can save $100 in a deal that also requires a trade-in.

Eligible trade-in devices include the iPhone 5s or later, the Galaxy S4 or later, the Galaxy Note Edge or later, the original Pixel or Pixel 2, the LG G4 or later, the LG V10 or later, a host of Moto Z phones, the Droid Turbo 2, the HTC 10 and the HTC One M9 and M9+.

Alternatively, if you buy the iPhone 8 ($24.99 a month for 24 months) or iPhone 8 Plus ($29.16 a month), you save $200 on an iPad.


AT&T customers can get the iPhone 8 for $20 a month or the iPhone 8 Plus for $23.34 a month (via a 30-month payment plan). Meanwhile, the iPhone X is selling for $30 a month or $900. Need two iPhones? AT&T is currently offering a BOGO iPhone sale. Purchase and activate a new iPhone on AT&T's Next Plan and you'll receive a $700 credit on your second iPhone purchase. The sale includes the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X. However, both phones must be purchased on an AT&T Next plan for you to get your credit on the second phone. 


T-Mobile is currently slashing $750 off the iPhone X when you add a line and trade in an eligible device. If you're opening just one line, T-Mobile is offering up to $360 credit with select phone trade-ins. Otherwise, the UnCarrier Network has the iPhone X for $20.84/month for 36 months (with $150 down payment). If you get the iPhone 8, you'll pay $25/month with $0 down while the iPhone 8 Plus will cost you $27/month (with $52 down payment). Both installment plans are for 24 months. By comparison, the iPhone XR is available for $20.84/month, the iPhone XS for $27.78/month, and the iPhone XS Max for $27.78/month. 

Best Buy

Best Buy has all of Apple's iPhones on your carrier of choice (except if that carrier of choice is T-Mobile). It's offering the iPhone 8 through both Sprint ($20.83 a month) and Verizon ($22.91 a month) for 2 years as well as AT&T's $20/month iPhone 8 deal where payments are spread out over 30 months. If you're an AT&T customer — or plan on being one — Best Buy has the iPhone X for $30 a month over a 30-month period for a final price of $900. For Verizon and Sprint versions of the phone, those monthly payments are spread out over 24 months and are currently $33.33 and $29.16, respectively.

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