Best iPhone X and iPhone 8 Deals for October 2018

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Apple's latest iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max are now available in-store and online, but if Apple's new flagships prices are above your budget, there's good news. Apple has marked down the price of its previous-gen phones. And even though it abruptly dumped the iPhone X, carriers are selling their remaining inventory for as low as $899.99.

Many carriers also have dedicated trade-in sites where you can appraise the value of your current iPhone and potentially lower the price of your new purchase even further. 

Credit: Tom's GuideCredit: Tom's Guide

So what can you expect to pay for Apple's previous-gen handhelds? We're rounding up the best iPhone X and iPhone 8 deals from all major U.S. carriers and retailers.     


Sprint is currently offering the iPhone 8 for $25/month or the iPhone 8 Plus for $29.17 via Sprint Flex, an 18-month lease that lets you upgrade or return your phone after 12 payments. At that point you can start a new lease on a new phone or pay an additional 6 months to own the device you currently have. The best part — no trade-in is required. The iPhone X, however, is selling for $899.99 ($37.50/month) via the same plan. However, keep in mind that the iPhone XS and iPhons XS Max are selling for $0/month and $4.17/month, respectively. That makes them the better option for new subscribers. 


Verizon has the iPhone X for $37.49/month ($899.76) via a 24-month payment plan. Buy two iPhones and you'll get a $300 credit toward the purchase of your second iPhone. Alternatively, the iPhone 8 costs $24.99/month and the 8 Plus is $29.16/month via the same installment plans for final prices of $599.99 and $699.84, respectively. Verizon is also taking 25 percent off select Beats products when you buy any iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch. (You'll see the discount during checkout).


AT&T customers can get the iPhone 8 for $20/month or the iPhone 8 Plus for $23.34/month (via a 30-month payment plan). Meanwhile, the iPhone X is selling for $30/month or $900. Need two iPhones? AT&T is currently offering a BOGO iPhone sale. Purchase and activate a new iPhone on AT&T's Next Plan and you'll receive a $700 credit on your second iPhone purchase. The sale includes the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X. However, both phones must be purchased on an AT&T Next plan in order to receive your credit on the second phone. 


T-Mobile is offering up to $300 credit with select phone trade-ins. Otherwise, the UnCarrier Network has the iPhone X for $30/month (with $179 down payment), iPhone 8 at $25/month, and the iPhone 8 Plus at $25/month (with $99 down payment). All of the installments plans are for 24 months, but only the iPhone X and iPhone 8 Plus require a down payment. 

Best Buy

Best Buy has all of Apple's iPhones on your carrier of choice (excluding T-Mobile). It's offering both Sprint's and Verizon's iPhone 8 leases of $25/month for 2-years as well as AT&T's $20/month iPhone 8 deal. If you're an AT&T customer — or plan on being one — Best Buy has the iPhone X for $37.50/month over a 30-month period for a final price of $900. Best of all, you don't have to put any money down. 

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