The Best Audio and Hi-Fi Deals

Whether you're an audiophile in search of the perfect receiver or just looking for a pair of budget wireless headphones, this year's audio deals are among the best we've seen in years.

An ideal stocking stuffer, you can score Panasonic's top-rated HJE120 Earbuds for $6.28 (if you don’t mind the color silver). Many of us in the office swear by them. They're perfect to stash in a gym bag and provide excellent audio despite their low price.

For music streaming, Amazon has a tremendous sale on various Sonos speakers. Both the Sonos Play:1 and the Sonos:Play 3 are at all-time price lows.

The iconic Tivoli Model One BT with the Tivoli Audio Cube is also on sale for $349.99 (regularly $499.99). Likewise, you can get the rarely discounted Tivoli Sphera Hi-Fi Speakers with the Model Sub for $629.99 (normally $899.99). Both will remain on sale through December 31.

Looking to upgrade your home theater? You can get Yamaha's excellent R-S202BL Bluetooth Stereo Receiver for $149.95. The receiver is a great foundation for any hi-fi setup. For smaller spaces, like a bedroom, you can score a pair of Kef Q100 bookshelf speakers for $249: That's a steal for some of the most beloved bookshelf speakers ever made.

Crutchfield is selling a Focal Sib 5.1 speaker system with five small speakers and subwoofer for $399: That’s half of what they sell for on Amazon.

If you're building a home theater, the Yamaha RX-V681BL 7.2 channel audio/video receiver is selling for $329.95. It supports advanced audio formats like Dolby Atmos and DTS:X (as well as 4K video). The reason it's selling so cheaply is because Yamaha released a newer model (trust me, the new model isn't worth double the price). Yamaha receivers can be tricky to set up, so you probably shouldn't give one to someone who isn't tech savvy.

No home theater setup is complete without a center-channel speaker (almost two-thirds of a film's soundtrack is played through the center channel). Definitive Technology makes beautiful center-channel speakers that project clear dialogue and impressive bass from a small cabinet. The ProCenter 1000 is selling for $164 (a hair above its all-time low price of $156.46), and its big brother, the ProCenter 2000, is deeply-discounted at $261.98

But if a surround sound system is more than you want to deal with, consider the Fluance AB40 Soundbase. It's a TV stand with a built-in sound system, and Amazon often puts it on sale for $199.96. (This kind of soundbar only works with TVs that have a squarish bottom.)

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For on the go music, you can snag an Anker Soundcore Bluetooth Speaker for $23.95 (it typically sells for  $37). This tiny speaker sounds great and fits in a large handbag, but it’s also a good choice for kitchens and workshops.

Audio-Technica's ATH-MSR7BK wired headphones selling for $147.99, an all-time low price. The noise-cancelling model costs $82 more. Also, the Bose QuietComfort 25 noise-cancelling headphones are selling for an all-time low price of $174.99.

This is just a taste of the ongoing audio deals you'll find online. Our deal-finding team is publishing all the best holiday audio deals on Tom’s Guide and Laptop Mag, so be sure to bookmark both sites for the biggest savings. 

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  • valkarian
    Anonymous said:
    From cheap earbuds to high-end speakers, here are the best audio deals of Black Friday.

    Amazing Black Friday Audio Deals: Speakers, Headphones and More : Read more

    The WI-1000X have dropped their prices too. Worth it?
  • seoguy
    Re: Valkarian - $248 is a good price for the WI-1000Xs, but still, that's an expensive pair of headphones. If you're feeling brave, add them to your watch list and look for a sudden price drop. Amazon briefly sold them for $229.99 yesterday.