Best Headphone Cyber Monday Deals

Staff Writer

Updated on Nov. 26 at 3:56a.m. ET: Nuraphone's active noise cancelling wireless headphones are very clever and sound even better, and they're going for 30 percent off at Amazon right now. Bose's tried-and-true QuietComfort 25 Noise Cancelling cans are also on sale for about 60 percent off.

As you're hunting for the best Cyber Monday deals, I'm guessing you're probably listening to music or podcasts on headphones. No matter if you're bobbing and weaving around aisles and others, or trying to focus at home, headphones are essential when you've got a lot to block out. Lucky for you, we've found excellent deals on both in-ear buds and on-ear headphones from the likes of Bose, Sony and Jabra — including a deal that lets you save $50 on our favorite noise-cancelling headphones.

Best Cyber Monday 2018 Deals Right Now